Party option - various

I have my parties most of the time on a defense position.
But when I see an enemy I use the attack order.
Now comes the problem, while fighting I do other stuff, building etc. and I sometimes forget to order my party back to the defense position after the fight.
Now when a new raiding party appears, my party is sometimes somewhere else, far away and I am losing hearthlings or doors.

This could be prevented if the defense icon/order whould have a checkbox which, when checked :slight_smile:, orders the party to come back to the defense position after going or attacking something/somewhere.

Short: You will come back here after you did whatever I said you have to do. Each and every time.

At the moment, if you do not use Wieses patrol mod, the parties will patrol fields and storages.
Which is not bad but not good either. (Maybe integrating Wieses mod, by dev :smiley: )
But having multiple options for what has to be guarded or patrolled would be awesome.

Like defending a person, guarding or patrolling a building or the streets, having patroll points etc.
Or do not wait for the enemy(archer) to get into the guarding area -> attack on sight and follow till destroyed.

Now when you place the attack banner every party member will walk to the banner “alone” but not as party or in a formation.
I think a walk/attack only as a party would be a good feature.
They will defend themselfs even if the whole party is not around but attacking and wallking to a banner will only be done, when all the party members are together.
They could meet at the defense banner or meet where most of the party is at the moment.
And then do whatevery they should do.

Like a real party would behave.


that’s a good idea, but lemme add that if you’re worried about invaders coming in while your warriors are off in other lands, build walls with strong doors, multiple doors so that it takes longer to break in and you have more time to bring your troops back.