Hearthling Combat Commands Do Not Work

When you’re hearthlings are in combat, no matter how many times I use the group run command, or the defend here command, hearthlings just stay in battle and die. I lost my entire town because no one would follow the commands. I didn’t bother with screenies or steps to reproduce. It’s simple, your commands don’t work and hearthlings just suicide. Fix this so I can play your stupid buggy game

Hey there @JHunter, welcome to the Discourse :smiley:!

Sorry to hear you are having difficulties with combat in the game. Hopefully we can help figure out what is going on, and if something is bugged get it fixed. Before we start troubleshooting, I want to direct your attention to our forum Rules & Guidelines, specifically our Golden Rule.

As for the issue, without screenshots, repro-steps, or more details, there isn’t much we can do to help. When you say the “group run command”, do you mean the move flag? As for the defend flag, before the most recent builds, there were known issues with how Hearthlings reacted when they were actively fighting and had a defend flag. Please provide some more details so we can help you out. Also, what specific build you are running will be very useful.