Stonehearth either does not launch or crashes on combat

So i’ve had problems with stonehearth not working properly after i got my new computer, at first it wouldnt launch at all and after forcing it to open in 32bit through some help from other posts here it finally works again, unfortunatly after finally fixing this issue my game now completely crashes on any hearthling entering combat.

Anyone here experienced/experiencing something like this?

The game not launching has been an issue some people experienced before, we even have some possible solutions or fixes for that in our FAQ in the ACE Discord Server. But crashing whenever combat starts is… I’ve never heard of that :glum:
So I have no clue what it could be…

1 - Are you using any mods?
2 - Does it give you any error messages or windows pop-ups before the crash?
3 - If you go into the game folder and check for the stonehearth.log file right after a crash, could you please host it somewhere and post it here so we can take a look? That might help us figure out what is going on…

So sorry for the late reply work has been hectic :slight_smile:
Okay so i suppose i was mistaken, it’s not crashing on combat start but rather when an enemy is killed the game stops responding.
as far as the Stonehearth.log is concerned i’m not able to find it.
And no Error messages nor Pop ups at all before it stops working
And the mods i’m using are

Dani’s core mod
The hunter
High class
Space Magic
Cleric combat
Fruits & animals (Box o’ Vox)
ACE Armours Core
Necromancer class
Magic combat
Ace Armours
Fisher job + archipelago biome
Extra Map Options.
Thank you for your time :merry: