Combat in General

Hello, i really enjoy stonehearth. The combat really needs some improvements though. My hearthlings will take on enemies, and they will keep going at them even though they are about to die. There needs to be an option for them to back off or go to the nearest cleric to heal up, moving them manually is tricky when you have to watch multiple battles. And, sometimes when you try to make them run away they still get shot anyways by archers (which needs to have a more limited range).

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you could use the defend position for something like this. Just make sure the enemies are not inside that square radius, and place it close to a bed or near safety; then they should do the rest on their own for as long as that banner is up.

is how I get a wounded person back to safety at times. Sometimes I have to use the move command first then place the defend thingy. Then once hearthling is done remove or issue order to attack again if threat is still there and want to take care of it still. Comes in handy. :smiley:

I have played for the first time in a while lately, and it is very odd to have BERSERKER hearthlings who will always run back to a fight they had initiated.

Lost my best fighters before I learned that “guard” can be used to make them stay where you want…

Maybe the knight’s courage buff to allies is just too high? Courage is good, but suicidal is not xD