Villager Combat

I want to suggest instead of having all your villagers go into combat mode when the combat button is pushed , but instead have certain classes go into combat mode and have the others flee inside. I say that because I don’t want my farmer running into battle with a hoe, and same goes for my weaver. I rather them flee inside a home, and Have a guard take care of it. Thanks.


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same goes for my weaver
[/quote] as far as i know weavers don’t fight when red alert is sounded, they just run for their lives


I wish they’d run to my banner [to nake sure they’re in town] instead of just running aimlessly miles away.

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actually they will just continue working untill they see the goblins.

I’m hoping this is something that may get addressed in the next Alpha, which is said to focus on combat redesigning and tweaking. I always end up making my low-HP settlers my Carpenters or Weavers, with the hope they can get just a little stronger from those level perks. They don’t offer much defensive-wise and are more a liability.

Agreed, that’s part of the reason I never put my strong units as them, now that growing silkweed and shearing sheep keep them in the settlement 9/10 of the time and they’re not as likely to run into those goblins.

My preference is that we’ll be able to organize militia teams alongside our soldiers’ squads, and then be able to specify the safe houses/forts the remaining civilians will retreat to. Maybe a different alert to keep those non-combatant settlers from stopping their work, like a “Yellow Alert”–calls the soldiers and militia to arms, but the other settlers keep going to maintain some of your economy.


interestin ideas, one thing that i would like would be if your more combat oriented workers would always be on the alert and not run in fear. this being said, the only job i can think of that would work that way would be trapper.

Considering they’re the only class to have a legitimate metal weapon at the start of the game, you’d think they’d have some sort of attack bonus or something, at least compared to wooden swords.

(well, them and the Carpenter, but let’s not go into a how a serrated saw shouldn’t be considered a standard weapon…)

But Saw, you are my new best friend! Where others see a tool, I see a serrated weapon!

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actually in the promote window it says “Trappers knife, a bone knife hewn by the mason”


There’s framework in place, though, for weapon/item upgrades – there’s an inventory slot for it, and the clothing upgrades are already partially in place.

It’s conceivable that metal knives will later be available for the Trapper’s use, from the Blacksmith.

Trappers and hunters in real life hunt by moving very quietly during the hunt. Perhaps the Trapper’s role in combat should be analogous to a rogue? This uses their existing skills for a slightly less traditional purpose and greatly opens up tactical options on a battlefield.

I agree on safe house or safe area designation and militia teams to fight alongside the soldiers. Having the remaining civilians be able to attack with whatever they have at hand in a last ditch attempt if an enemy penetrates the safe zone could also work. Personality could also play into this – a Hearthling with a strong personality might attack if an enemy gets into the safe zone, while one that is more cowardly might hide under the bed, or panic and flee.


Huh, I must have missed that. In that case, we could probably use a retexture in the future, since it honestly looks like a metal knife to me.

I guess the only metal weapon we have right now IS the saw.

ye a retexture would be nice.

in one of the other combat related threads, i mentioned (or added to the suggestion of) providing a unit “toggle”, that the player could set if they choose (perhaps set in the character details screen)… this would enable the individual unit to be set to “combat ready” or whatever the wording would be, and indicates this unit will not run from danger/will respond to the call to arms…

if left unchecked (default setting), that unit would flee to a predetermined zone/location (town flag, for example)…