Soldiers never stop attacking after attacked once

Something i noticed many times is if you been in combat with something with one of your soldiers they refuse to let go of that target and keeps running back even tho your people are sent back all the way from the base.

In this case it was an attack on the goblin camp i had to retreat but my soldiers wants to keep going in to suicede which feels like a very strange behavior

Possibly fixed in the next one. I saw on stream that I believe yang was looking into that specific thing. Mentioned it wouldn’t be in A17, but A18 most likely. Well there is a possible fix on the horizon. :slight_smile:


I really hope so it’s such a strange behavior and not very nice to lose people that way :worried:

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Aye, that much I have to agree. Almost lost a cleric to a sheep, hence my references to my shepard cleric. Which in turn is a reference to this type of behavior. Bluebell is a feisty one. Attracting my cleric through cuteness…:expressionless:

Anyway hopefully the one that just went out has this possible fix. Unsure, but it did mention combat tuning or something along those lines… :smiley:

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you can use the defend command to keep them from being suicidal in the meantime


indeed. dont seem to be fixed with the latest patch by the way:/

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