Combat Realism : Get rid of Rambo

Hey guys,

Quite new to making these things so don’t go to harsh on me.

My problem with the combat now is that i feel like my soldiers are all eager to die.
If a soldier is almost dead and he sees 3 wild wolves, he’ll just go beserk the enemy.
Wouln’t it be better to let the soldier think “can i win this ?” before making the decision to attack?

but great job so far on the game btw :wink:


As of right now combat is still in its infancy. but there is a workaround to it. just select the actual footman and have him guard a different part till they are healed up, then take guard off. if u dont want him attacking at all, just go and turn his job off for a bit and he wont attack anything. oh and make sure u remove him from party, so he doesnt take commands will low on health.


As an addition to @micheal_handy76_mh’s advice, I’d like to add if any of your hearthlings are threatened it’s best to pause and evaluate the situation. It will easily allow you to check who is low on health, give them orders, and if necessary add your civilians to the militia (removing them once their health is low).