Take control of Footman/Archer/Knight

I think it would be cool if you could “slip” in a fight in the role of a fighter. This can then be controlled with WSAD. In addition, you could use the Level-Skills as abilities. Depending on the “ability” they would have different cooldowns.

What do you think about such feature?



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The devs have talked a lot about not wanting this level of micro in the game. There are many many suggests about controlling hearthlings, and they’ve consistently said it’s not the direction they want to take the game

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I agree that this idea would take this game off into a very different track than it is currently on. It’s already pretty micro when you can split your soldiers into multiple groups and then direct each “group” to attack a specific target, or move to a specific location, etc. Having direct control moves into a wholly new sort of game that would dramatically take away from the spirit of what this game is shaping up to be.