New Control System

Hello, my name is Daejax, and I love StoneHearth!

My idea of this game is for you guys, the developers to make it possible to interact with the different Hearthlings, utilizing their potential! This Idea may already have been suggested, but even though it has, I think it would add more fun and depth to the game as the whole!

For me now, playing I’m struggling to keep my Hearthlings, especially the footmen and archers health up, due to the automatic “Healing process” where the Herbalist goes to the wounded during the Hearthlings sleeping and then healing them.

I was thinking why I couldn’t control that process, by manually pressing on the Herbalist controlling that specific Heathling and manually Heal the wounded, Same goes with farmers, and All other Hearthlings. If you could make some sort of controlling system so that we can control the different Hearthlings getting. Maybe even get us to the ground, and eventually make us control them in Third-Person as we do out duties. That would be cool and indeed help with the different situations we’re not in control of. If it’s possible maybe even make a function that lets us Hold left click and drag over the Hearthlings to select a bunch of them and make some of your workers Mine while others harvest from, so they’re not bound to one order at a time! :slight_smile:

No idea if direct Hearthling control is going to become a thing, but a piece of advice to maybe help you a little in the short term: Herbalist healing is very poor. Make every effort possible to upgrade to a Cleric. It will make all the difference in the world.