Bring back the *priority/Better controls*?

I mean… in one of your earliest looks at the game (videos) you showed us that we could directly influence what hearthling does what job? I would like this feature brought back to the game if this is possible… too many of my hearthlings do random things (my miners would concentrate on building rather than mining… etc) and it is getting very annoying when i want them to do specific tasks, but they wont…

thank you

for the attention of @Tom :

This video shows that the hearthlings Could be directly controlled

This video shows that we can’t directly issue them orders and the resulting issues from the lack of this implementation

just for info - for this they will add an taskmanager where you can set which hearthling should make which task :wink: manualy moving etc will not be implented - but tom has mentioned this in his last twitchstream xD

i have know this for longer because the ui is already implented but hidden because the taskmanager doesnt work at the moment :wink: i think it will need 2 or 3 more alphas before the mainsystem is completed and they will add them :wink:


thank you @Wiese2007 but until that is implemented, can you please advise me on how to prioritize (rather than make every single hearthling a worker again so that they lose all their skills? lol)

And thank you very much for that info :smiley:

they dont lose their skills :wink: you can always promote them again and they have their gained lvls xD


ohhhhh hoho thank you very much :smiley:

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Just be careful - they lose all their experience in their current level. If they had 1590/1600 exp. points towards the next level, you change their job then change them back, they will be on the same level, but 0/1600 exp. points.