Be the Dungeon master!

If i am, say, joining a game of stonehearth, i’m playing around with my friends, and i decide Hey, the game is kinda boring for my friends, I want to watch them get seiged or get ambushed by goblins. Can i play AS the dungion master, and give my troops a plan to start with, and then real time command them? Say, i want my goblins tosneak by a patrol, so in the inital plan, i tell them to turn left, but i got the timing wrong and they need to go right, Can i edit that order so they go right instead of left?

Also, Feel free to talk about stuff concerning this tipic lower down, whether you want to add more to my idea, or talk about why it may or may not be implemented

Although you CAN play as a dungeon mastery person on the PVP where you download other’s maps, but i want to be able to assault them with their guards under their command, not predefined orders.


Oh my god, yes. The best idea ever.

Someone please, make this mod

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If this is not in the game default then im willing to bet money that someone is going to kidnap tom and tony and point a gun at them until they implement this. Not going to name names but I think a certain @Geoffers747 might have something to do with it


I am not really understanding what you want. To command you’re troops to attack your friends? you can already do that.

There is a AI Dungion master in game, that commands all AI attacks on your base, I’m asking if i can replace the AI on a server.

That’s pretty much a different game to Stonehearth, it sounds much more combat orientated than Stonehearth and possibly kinda hard to mod in. You could totally do it though, the hard parts would balancing, ui, and tactics. You made it sound very tactical and the default ui might not support that well, particularly in combination with the spawning abilities.

No, One person is playing regular stonehearth, creating the best fortress they can, while another player tries to hire units and steal enough loot from the first player’s fortress to earn more money. It’s another was to “Play” The game, a possible gamemode in multiplayer. I know i’d love to be a dungion master for “The Forums Server” Witch i talked about in this post.

It’s not a different game, it’s being the attacker, against the normal way to play. You’d be the more Assassin attacker, never showing where you come from, so they can never return attack.

@SteveAdamo and @Geoffers747 Get with the program!

Stonehearth is a City Builder.

That’s important because you seem to be somewhat ignoring that fact, yes combat is important but it’s not the most important. Building a good city is what the game is for, you might have a heavy combat focus but as the devs have stated combat isn’t too important. The problem with this idea that I think would be the main issue with having it be like normal Stonehearth is that the dungeon master both cannot lose as they have no base and would likely get bored if they were limited to the same attack frequency as normal stonehearth. You’d likely pull it off better if you made some kind of monster coalition race and just put them in control of that, they still build and everything like normal but they have to attract goblins and ogres and things to fight for them in an attempt to take over the enemy city, basically it would just be the vanilla pvp as a monster race. Controlling the actual dungeon master ai would likely result in overwhelming difficulty for the player due to event frequency or boredom when you realise that most of what it does is just waiting around for certain triggers and doesn’t do much.

Well, although you have a point, i’m saying, i want to be able to be that guy, adding a human instead of AI increases the unpredictability. You’ve got a giant hole in your wall your sealing up, instead i sneak in through the front door when your busy watching the hole. Saying “You’ll get bored” Insinuates it’s just 2 people, and who is to say that in order to stop the dungeon master (If player controlled) You have to go out and find where they recruit their troops from and follow it to the source, why NOT have there be a separate race in the game, controlled by EVVVVIIIILLLL humans, paying the goblins/orcs to attack for them. Why not have them be a actual Civilization, but make them have to run their town off gold, aka steal enough stuff and sell enough to pay back the orcs and goblins, while also paying for workers, heck, even have the actual master be one of your workers, with a secret underground lair or something. I’m just saying that i want to be able to plan out attacks on my friends ingame. If i have to play as orcs, that makes me sad, Even make Players be able to enter “Dungeon master mode” Where they have to pay goblins to sneak into your enemy’s fortress under a different screen. Basically a “Intrigue screen” In CK2 only allows you to plan out the assassination/theft specially yourself. While this dose not take presedence over city building, it’s a way to add something to the multiplayer side of the game.


This is why this idea is so perfect. Only the best cities will survive the onslaught of troops coming to eat your babies/steal your gold/murk your blacksmith.


I’d much rather it be much more of a… limitless form of ‘God’ instead of just a DM who uses resources. Because, if I say, had four or five friends with me, and I played the DM, I’d love to be able to plant things like ruins, monster camps, etc. around them to make their games more interesting, AND control the AI directly if I felt like it, and make it less like a “I’ve set up traps to manipulate the AI into deadly areas” and more of a “Crap, I need to patch up this wall fast, keep an eye out, and explore my surroundings thoroughly to make sure I’m safe.”

This, of course, would NOT work if you had a spoil-sport for the DM, because he could just spam titans or something. But if he was a good person, and probably your friend, he wouldn’t just spam powerful enemies-- he’d have ruins, artifacts, allies, weaker enemies, etc. too, to make the game fun.

That’s just what I’d want. Actually, that gave me an idea… I’m going to go make another thread.

What @ManOfRet said :stuck_out_tongue:

Alrighty, I’ve looked over all this some more and I think I’ve worked something out. There seems to be one of three things wanted.

  • A more subtle, sneaky method of attacking someone. This seems to be
    what @Smith is describing, a way of having a more economy focused
    city that involves sneak attacks and hiring mercenaries to attack
    enemy cities. Just an extension of normal gameplay really.
  • DM/God Mode. This is talked about by a few people but
    it’s basically just the ability to spawn enemies from nothing,
    restrictions on spawning are variable but it’s at it’s core just an
    alternative method of spawning waves of units to attack the city.
    Very combat orientated and you have no city so fairly different from the base game.
  • Scenarios. The ability to place down modules, create monster hordes and timed events on maps for others to play on, could also go with map editing capabilities and advanced event creation to be able to make proper scenarios. Inspired by @RoseyNineOneOne.

That’s three different ideas that could also be used in any combination. I think all of them could be good but they are quite different and could possibly have different threads for each. For this thread use the middle one, it’s just an alternative method of spawning units that doesn’t focus on the city and instead focuses purely on the units and the combat. Could go well with a variety of limiting systems on spawning powers.

Don’t bother, Keep it here, also @Xavion All of those are things that i wanted, except the subtle sneaky way, that was a theoretical compromise… Authough, it would still be fun, but i’d rather have what @RoseyNineOneOne wanted, as i guess i wasn’t clear enough when i stated what i wanted… I almost never am, but anyways, A dungeons and dragons mode would be awesome.

It sounds to me like he wants god mode and scenarios. That sounds good now, actually, but very hard to mod in.

This could be as simple as making a quicksave and uploading it for all to enjoy.

As for the others, God Mode involves making the recipe cost and time cost/settler cost = absolute zero.

Sneakiness, I’m not really sure about.

God mode would be for those who want some DnD in their world, for people who want to get together as a group, and want to have fun trying to fend off, alone or together, waves of attackers while building the fort, this could also, and i hate to think of it this way, make there be NO Dungion master in a world, as they’d have someone be it and not give AI control back… But then, if someone is doing that, i call it a tutorial. I know I’d want it to do anything in a game where i don’t suddenly want to get done in, yet not want it to be easy, grab a few freinds and we can just have one of them be the Dungeon master.

Also, has anyone noticed that i spelt dungeon wrong on the title?

Yes, and it is still itching me. You’re a monster.

Won’t let me edit it, @SteveAdamo, could you fix it for me?

Feeeeexed eeeeeet!