Be the Dungeon master!


well, being an avid D&D fan (back in the good ooooold days), i like the basic premise here… im just not too sure on how it would be approached (from a modding perspective)…

the AI DM will basically be considering each of our moves, how we build, position troops, treat random characters, respond to random events, etc.

in order to ascertain all those things, and respond in kind, it seems like the DM will be baked in to every aspect of the game… im not sure how we would be able to suppress it, in favor of enabling player control…

it seems possible, but probably a considerable undertaking… and tweaking the initial landscape generation is one thing, but altering it after the fact is another… thats seems like a particularly interesting “thing” to try an mod in…


Yeah complete control of the AI DM is near impossible due to how much multi-tasking you’d need to keep track of every single exploratory party and nearby modules for triggering and just how much you’d need to manage really, it’s not even what they want really as modules have been said to placed on map generation anyway. That’s why I believe the God Mode idea is much better idea as it does what they want and it allows them to have more control and focus over what actually matters to the suggested ideas.


SIGN ME UP![quote=“Xavion, post:22, topic:2804”]
That’s why I believe the God Mode idea is much better idea as it does what they want and it allows them to have more control and focus over what actually matters to the suggested ideas.

Well… Hm… I want to be them, if i have to have AI underlings then ok, but i WANT to have all the stuff to watch, It’s a thing with my personality, like right now i’m playing cookie clicker, using the fourms, watching a vid, playing DF, talking on skype WHILE reading a book.

Soooo… I am for the idea of being the DM. Still want it to be a multiplayer function… But with all of you stamping on it, i don’t think it’s gonna happen…


SO BASICALLY, you want to play the bandits.


If you wanna put it like that, yes, i want to play the bandits, but it’s a mean way to put it and dose not put enough thought into the actual meaning.


That’s basically what I’m saying! I’m saying you play as the monsters effectively. You spawn monsters and then you control them just like normal units, the only difference is that you don’t have a city and you just spawn everything out of the aether or something. You wouldn’t control all the individual modules but you would have the ability to spawn them, your main goal would be spawning armies and then controlling them to go attack the normal players. Effectively literally god mode, create anything instantly for free. How is that not what you want? I thought that was what you were asking for.


I don’t really care which ideas come out of this thread and which ones don’t, as they all look super fun. I CANNOT wait for someone, somewhere to implement this into the game. :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:


It Kinda was… except i want to go into the module if i want to.


Should be possible, although remember that most modules are passive until triggered and probably won’t even appear in the world until the player gets close to prevent too much strain on the cpu. I’m sure we could just mark them for you though and then create some kind of take control command to both activate/spawn if needed and to change them to your control. If that’s the only problem than it’s not bad at all.


Like I said, if you want to set up a scenario, just create a save file and upload it for all to use. As for getting the modules where you want them, I’m sure that there will be some way to guarantee certain modules. I believe they have said that there will be a set of constantly discover-able “story modules”, if I’m not mistaken.


meaning, inter-connected modules? the completion of one, that leads to another?

i dont believe i’ve heard that, but its entirely possible… sounds awesome, to be honest… :wink:


I would personally like the idea of God Mode the best if I had to choose from all the given ideas so far. (God mode being the Dungeon Master that has unlimited troops)

P.S. I nearby attempt to reactivate this old topic with this post!


Anyone else have any more recent thoughts or has anyone started to look into the possibility to make a mod for this?


Aww man this looks like a really fun idea to play, hope it gets looked at ;)!


Hm. Generikb commented on my old topic. hm… Should i be more ecstatic?

Anyways, most of the stuff on this idea was already said, no real new ideas…


Hey Generikb that was a good video, though you messed up with the carpenter.