Kickstarter - Magicite & Undeadz!

two games on tap, as i’m too lazy to throw together individual threads… :smile:

i’m not sure i’m backing either, but both look interesting in their own way… first up:


Slay epic beasts in a randomly generated world all while collecting loot, crafting gear, and harvesting resources for survival.

i love the art style, and the video held my interest… but i’m not overly fond of the platforming element…

next up is Undeadz!

It’s a Zombie Survival game with a retro art style open world. Explore to find vehicles, weapons, ammo, health and more!

with quite possibly the smallest campaign page, i still love lots of the elements in their promo video…

Magicite kinda reminds me of terraria, I love terraria and this game looks great!

Magicite seems somewhat similar to rogue legacy, which is just an amazing game.

necro-posting to let those of you who enjoyed Magicite know that the developer has launched a new KS campaign:

enjoy! :smile: