Kickstarter - Three new games on tap!

Chaos Reborn

From the Creator of the Original X-COM

Wizard Tactics with Bluff and Deception, Procedurally Generated Realms, Online Multiplayer, Co-op and a Huge Single Player Campaign

The Hero Trap

Lightning fast roguelike dungeon crawler. Play 3 heroes simultaneously or team up with friends! How far can you get?

bears a resemblance to Delver’s Drop (at least visually), but the premise still looks promising… :smiley:

Lost Economy

An economy based game where the player uses political skill & cunning abilities to control markets and build wealth.

this looks to be fairly stat/micromanagement heavy, but i figured with all the “map games” on the forum, a few folks just might be interested in this one… :smile:


@SteveAdamo…What have you done?

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He’s ruined your wallet… again.

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apologies… i have to fill my “link quota” for the week though… a guy’s gotta eat! :smile:

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well now i know what my money are going to when i am not spending them on cosplays and cons

Well The Hero Trap looks fantastic, and Chaos Reborn looks somewhat interesting, though I doubt I’ll be investing in it…the question is now how much to back The Hero Trap? Alpha’s so tempting though I’m trying to convince myself that Beta will be enough…

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i am going to buy lost economy paying 60$ together with my brother because then i get beta i don’t need to pay later and my little brother don’t need to pay later either :slight_smile:

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I was thinking of backing Chaos reborn. I really want a game like that ever since @thorbjorn42gbf got me obsessed with a comic…I now both love and hate him.

@SteveAdamo, I love the fact that you post these. You always see the good ones. I have less and less time to keep up with things on the net lately. This is one of the only forums that I keep somewhat up to date on, and you save me having to monitor Kicktraq, Thank you.


The Hero Trap looks fun… puts on list of games to stalk

tough call… i want to do a bit more research, but i am really enjoying the basic concept…

that sounds like an excellent plan… :wink:

great, so some of that misdirected hatred towards me, can be… directed elsewhere? :smile:

you are most welcome my friend… its one of my win/win deeds i thoroughly enjoy… :smile:

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Nope. In your dreams @SteveAdamo!

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Mmmm, a couple of important points for me are the estimated release dates for Alpha, Beta and Full Release and I can find no trace of anything even suggesting as to that, whether my eyes don’t work or it really isn’t there I don’t know, but I was keeping an eye out for them and didn’t see them so I think the latter.

Also less important but really nice would be Xbox controller support for PC, it looks like it absolutely will need it, and they already plan on putting it onto a controller with the PS4 so it seems perfectly plausible, they just make no mention of it.

In the video around 1:25, you can see the yellow Y sign to open the door, so I think they already support the xbox controller.

Oh wow yeah, I actually noticed that at the time as well, I just forgot…:frowning: thanks!

Seems like something you might want to make a little more prominent (or at least mention) but ah well, their loss I guess…

Congratulations, @SteveAdamo!

Now my Wallet is empty again!

Here’s one I think you missed. @SteveAdamo

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actually, I did stumble across this one! it was mentioned to me by a friend, but I failed to then mention it here…

thankfully one if the developers posted a seperate thread for their campaign… so, alls well that ends well, I suppose… :smile:

C’mon guys, The Hero Trap’s campaign has grinded to a sickening halt, having only gained about $200 today…I know the last 2 days are the best, but I do so want to hit that $100k stretch mark…

Here are some games to look at.

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