Kickstarter - Cosmic Star Heroine

this is just killing my wallet… im never going back to KSevar!

New turn-based RPG from the creators of Cthulhu Saves the World. Inspired by Chrono Trigger, Phantasy Star & Suikoden. PC/Mac/PS4/Vita.

Im suprised you still have a wallet, Steve. Why isn’t your wife doing anything about this? Does she even know about this?

the bizarre thing is, im the uber frugal one in the family… i hardly ever spend any money on myself…

its all for the wife and kids! :smile:

but still…

Cool, I really like this studio. I played the Penny Arcade games and bought the other two, but never played em for more than a few minutes. Still, very “well received” on my end. Great to see several studios building on success and talent these days.

SHAME! SHAME ON YOU!! Thou shouldst spluerge on thae vidaeo gaemes whinaever one canae.

Lucky bugger has all the moneyz, where as I can barely afford anything…Stop showing off to those in recession!

C3PO with a mustache = winner

Hehehe… we just got out of a recession, @Newf! But, of course, here it comes… prepare yourselves…!!! NO THANKS TO OBAMA!!!

Presidents and World Leaders are useless these days…

no… just no… dont turn this beautiful pixeallated thread into a political discussion… :godmode:

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Everything comes down to polotics, they get into everything, like rotches or bronies. Anyways, I hate the electoral collage, why do we have them anymore? we have the internet now, go to a local library and we can vote directly…

The electoral college is just a way to try to get everyone as a whole to have equal representation, although that’s not always the case… Even if there is a 49% - 51% margin, the 51% gets 100% of the votes (except for Nebraska).

Anyway, now that the politicalitismismism is out, let’s continue on with some discussion.


im somewhat conflicted with the art styles on display here… the game itself looks brilliant, but some of the other art doesnt really work for me (suppose i really shouldnt care, to be honest)… anyone else see the disparity?

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Yeah, from what I could see, it looks like a sort of cross between Pokemon-ish pixelly and Danny-Phantom-ish HD-Cartoony-ish, if you know what I mean.

I agree Steve, some of the art doesn’t work for me at all, but I like their track record and I backed them. Sci-fi RPGs really intrigue me and I love the scope of the world, it’s practically limitless. I can only hope my KS campaign goes as smoothly >_>

first of all, welcome aboard @Donn! :smile:


za? have you launched said campaign? link please… :smiley:

It looks like it could be good, I’ll have to read through their posts about it though because I’ve played cstw and bod7 and read through most of the ks page and they’re all kind of same-y gameplay wise. My attention span at games means that it will need either some very good mechanics or plot to keep me interested then so I think I’ll be waiting a bit.

@SteveAdamo Thanks Steve =]

Thanks for asking! I have yet to launch the campaign, I’m still trying to build awareness and put the finishing touches and details to it. You can see a teaser trailer here:
You Are Not The Hero

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The trailer is amusing. I’d need to actually know something about the game though outside of the title and what your facebook cover photo shows before I could form an opinion though.

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@Xavion The following trailer has gameplay from the game~ The first half is a melow, more puzzle, platforming elements while the second half shows more action, fast gameplay. The video is a WIP for what I’ll be showing on the project.

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