Kickstarter: Hadron's Forge


for you space nerd / open world / sandboxy type folks, here’s a new campaign… looks like its from a couple of Nasa chaps, so odds are, there will be a fair amount of “realism”… :smile:

Space exploration, mining, building, RPG sandbox game with an epic story line and a healthy dose of real space science.


Summed me up, right in 5 words and two slashes… :’)


Just like starmade, only better, for some reason… You have to pay?
This was a question anser it @SteveAdamo


Right - had to back this - its the right thing to do!


Makes face of extreme giddiness YES!


well, im stoked you all seem to like it… i only hope they get some good publicity in order, as they need a healthy surge in pledges to meet their goal…

yes, its a campaign to raise money for development… you have to purchase a copy… :smile:


Well I did pledge, as this advanced Minecraft in space looks pretty interesting to me, but those guys need to advertise more. At this pace they’ll never get funded.


i havent pledged, but i just have such admiration for folks who put in all on the line, i cant help but root for them! :smile:

and yes, unless they manage to get some significant PR/tweet momentum, the campaign might be doomed… i fear they may have set the target a bit too high…


Well one thing is for certain, if a KS project wants to be successful it has to be as loud as it possibly can.

So in regards to that news Hadron's Forge (Canceled) by Arcane Logic — Kickstarter
it might be a wise move to cancel now and start again on KS when they are ready to do more active marketing and can be responsive to backers.

Right now with such a bad start success seems pretty unlikely… sadly :frowning:


So, Starmade, but made by people that like moneys more?


Ha, I had actually pledged before I saw this thread. It looks promising, but they set the bar way too high. A really nice kickstarter setup too.


Seems to me that this game and Starmade have only superficial similarities… From what they are planning Hadron’s Forge looks much more complex.


It looks a bit different to Starmade … plus they’ve got the whole “ex-aerospace guy” thing going for them.

Let’s keep the cynicism to a minimum :stuck_out_tongue:


having uber brainiacs on your dev team should definitely give you a “+1 bonus to development”…


Well, it IS like starmade, it’s gonna leapfrog over it because it’s funded and starmade isn’t. I think that it’s just kinda not fair to just make starmade completely irrelevant by leapfrogging over it because you’ve got money than them.


Well, the thing is… Capitalism… and weren’t these guys based in America? I think I recall them being as such.


Hay! That’s not completely true! I cojuldn’t care less for more money than i need for rent/taxes (Depending on what you live in) food, and, ofcourse, most importantly,



ahh, to be young, and without any pressing responsibilities… :smile: