Newf Strikes Back: Halcyon 6: Starbase Commander

Long have we suffered under the yolk of @SteveAdamo and his spotlighted Kickstarters! Today I bring you:

A rogue-like sci-fi strategy survival game with base building, tactical combat, crew management and emergent storytelling.

I am a massive fan of Rogue-lites, as my 3 recent purchases may show on Steam for those who stalk me*, and I feel this one is worth the attention of my fellow Forum-Dwellers and Map Gamers (We are a breed apart as many, such as @Geoffers747, may attest to.

*Looking at you: @Nicedude80, @ManOfRet and @Xavion


i would have preferred to respond, taking a page from your own book … “curse you @SteveAdamo!”

however, I saw this campaign on Friday and was immediately intrigued… my finger is hovering over the pledge button… :smile:


Hmm…pretty interesting! I’m not a giant fan of rogue-likes, but I do appreciate the genre and occasionally play them–one of which being FTL. Halcyon 6 seems to build off a similar premise, except it looks like it wants to explore a lot besides just ship management and combat.

I wish I could put money into it, but I’ve still don’t have a method for making online payments, plus I’m trying to save up for a Wii U later this year (trying to vainly pursue both console and PC games while in graduate school…). I’ll have to keep my eye on this project!

Curse ye and ye money drains! Alas, I am unable to resist.

Just so you know, my wallet still hasn’t recovered from Steve’s old Kickstarting days.

Even so, I don’t think I can resist this game. It does seem to be rather deep, and I absolutely do not mind playing FTL-likes. Quite the contrary, in fact: they are most entertaining.

Furthermore, the combination of 4X, Sci-fi setting, and tacticality seems to suit me very nicely.

I have one thing to say to you, @Newf: Well played.

I pledged! Looking forward to this game! It’s like an RTS RLD FTL FTW!! Hahaha that was fun!