Code Name: Thunder Space

Hello community! This summer, I’m starting work on my own game. Currently, due to lack of a better name, I’m calling it Thunder Space. It’s going to be a Sci-Fi base building and combat game.
I’m working toward a midpoint style of base building between traditional RTS like StarCraft and recent base-maintaining games like Boom Beach. I want failing to defend to be more punishing than Boom Beach, but less punishing than StarCraft.
The combat will likely be raid-based like Boom Beach, where you keep any units that survive the attack or if you retreat, but with some of the combat mechanics similar to Tactile Wars where you can assemble formations.
I’d love to hear any suggestions, here or on the Thunder Space Trello.
Also, if you are interested in helping with the game, join my Discord Server.

Edit: Discord Link now never expires.

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TBH Boom Beach is almost a housewife clicker, a lot like many facebook games are as well, so I hope You can figure out a way to make it a bit more engaging in terms of base building etc.

How far are You planning to go into base building vs. combat? It sounds interesting, so I may actually try to help. I’ve been playing strategy, base and city builders, tower def etc. for last 15 years at least, so there may be some interesting ideas to “steal” from other games stuck in my head :stuck_out_tongue:

I am aware that Boom Beach is similar to a clicker, and yes, I do want the building to be more engaging than that, and more satisfying than StarCraft. By this, I mean you can really get into the narrative of the game. Once the game’s core is complete, quests will play a big part in this.

Your mention of Tower Defense made me think of an interesting idea for the combat, but I’m not sure it’s quite what I’m going for. What if the base-building aspect was like Kingdom Rush, so your defense would be trying to stop an attack from reaching your power core. Attacking would be like playing as the creeps, sending in waves of units, telling them to attack a building, or run straight for the power core.

Well, thanks for your interest!

Also - the discord link is not working for me :frowning:

Oops. It’s fixed now.

Here’s wishin’ ya all the best on your game!!!

The Discord has been updated. Now accepting developer applications!

In accordance with what my team wants, Thunder Space has been delayed/cancelled. I might pick it up again sometime, but for now, we’re working on something else.

Aaaw :frowning:

Well, I wish You best of luck with any future projects :slight_smile: