Persistent World / Alpha


Just a fast question, if we not reach the 1 Mio via Paypal in the next 2 weeks can we maybe see Persistent World in future? Or will you not add this unless you reach the Mio? It would be awesome if we can see the the Persistent World even if we not reach the 1 Mio

And the Secound Question like maybe the most: Will we get an Alpha Application form to apply for the Alpha maybe? (Multiplayer Test etc)

Unless the answer has changed since I last heard, they have no plans for an Alpha. They really want to focus on getting the Beta out and in a playable form for people. That said, they’ve released a pre-Alpha to a couple people to review on youtube, and I imagine they may do this again down the line as a way to garner more interest and keep people informed and excited.

It is seemingly likely that persistent worlds would make it in one day, just because that’s the way the guys seem to work!

As for alpha there’s been quite a discussion surrounding it and in my opinion it just doesn’t seem worth it, I doubt there is any multiplayer functionality in the game currently, and I’m not even sure there is much more available outside of the gameplay videos we have seen so far - cutting trees and building houses.

I would allready be happy if I can just Build a House ^.^

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I’m sure we will see these guys steaming along. They are more motivated then anyone I’ve seen and have a very nice background. They got a lot of the major problems (or are) out of the way such as the complex AI path finding and AI being dynamic when they work with each other - which is honestly the main reason I paid. It takes a high level of skill to get the AI where it is even currently. I was going to throw in the tow on learning Lua but it just seems to be popping up more and more in great games… Honestly if we hit a Alpha in mass, I’ve often just seen it bog devs down because of people filling then with minor to-dos that would have not be brought to their attention. A beta seems a much better route for these guys of things and I’m more then prepared to wait. Total war in Sep it going to hold me over, WarGame is currently keeping me entertained.

Will they eventually add the 1m$ feature? after the beta? because they might make a ton of money wish would back up the 300k$ missing for this, and also i think a lot of players would love to play on a server full of players with who you can ally or raid .

As i told you in last live stream a couple of times this stretch goal wasn’t met but its something the devs would love to have.

whether it makes it in or not truly depends on how well the game does, and if a multitude of other stars align.

If the persistent worlds aspect is added, i personally am not expecting anything like it till 2015. But that’s just me.

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@ownerpure5 … given the number of threads you have created in the last few days, i would ask that you give a moment of pause, and try the search engine here… Discourse actually provides a very robust mechanism for finding related content…

in this case, we’ll just merge your thread with a much older one from back in may, which posed basically the same question… :+1:


Same here, I’d really appreciate a persistent world^^

so we don’t get it? Don’t they said Kickstarter + Normal Backer = 1 Mio?

I don’t think we’ve had any stats about how many people have pledged post kickstarter.

The persistent worlds is still on the table, but I wouldn’t expect to hear anything about it until late 2014 or beyond.