What exactly does “persistent, connected worlds” mean

they say that if they reach 100000$ they will add “persistent, connected worlds” what does this exactly mean. does this mean the game would be like an mmo or something?? and would it be possible to add this feature on after the game’s launch

Sorry, do not get your point. The topic seems not to fit to the content of the post. Might be because I am not a native speaker… could you explain a bit more in detail?

they say in the kickstarter page that if they reach 100000$ they will add “persistent, connected worlds” i wanna know what exactly that is and if they could add it on afterwards if the game sells well.

Ah, ok got it. On Kickstarter (just below the announcement of the new goals) you will find a small explanation:

Persistent, Connected World: We’ll offer the option to host your game
on our own servers (this may require a fee). All hosted games can
choose to participate in entirely new gameplay modes with other hosted

Here are some of the things we’re thinking about:

Your cooperative games will be available all the time, not just when the computer serving the game is on
Establish alliances and supply-routes between friendly, player controlled cities
Trade in the global economy that spans all hosted games
Band several cities together to create your own Empires

Sounds to me like that the world will remain “online” even if you do not play. Might allow other players to continue / join or events to happen, while you are not there. Plus, there will be new game modes which are supporting this approach… however they might look like.

Edit: sorry i just saw the new stretch goals, forget what i just said