Steam Community Linked to Multiplayer?

We had a 1Mil stretch goal of persistent, connected worlds, Well, with steam compatibility, if you’re a part of the steam group for stonehearth, why not have a muliplayer option of allowing you to access a persistent world from stonehearth servers? Now, saying this, implementing multiplayer through locally hosted servers MUST come first, but why not? This would allow (Espechaly those of us on stonehearth discourse) to play together when the game is released with this option. If this dosen’t happen, i’m sure someone will just post the IP of a MASSIVE server either on these fourms or on the steam group, But still, just a sudgestion.

@SteveAdamo and @Geoffers747 , Either of you know about this being plausable?

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Unfortunately the kickstarter fell short of the 1 mil stretch goal, which means that currently anything and everything related to persistent worlds is looking at post release.

They’ve stated that they would love to have the whole persistent worlds thing setup, but it is something that will take time and resources; I think they said that due to missing the goal they would assess it all come the ‘full’ 2014 release.

Having said all that …

I don’t see why not, I’m not too sure if Steam allows you to access a persistent server type setup through a group, I know you can join other individual players but am not too sure on the group thing.


But, it was a post release stretch goal before, and I just figured that the goal not being reached just meant it was gonna be a while after release and only if enough attention was brought.

But it’s definitely plausible.

Dont worry if they dont add persistant worlds a modder will add it in…

It was indeed a post release stretch goal, what I meant in my original comment is that, from what I remember in one of the livestreams it was something they loved the idea of, and would have to assess come the launch of the game how to proceed with it.

Hm… I think now, even if they Could, and did, they would need a 24/7 server to host it on. Chances are that only a official server would be able to handle persistent worlds.

Somehow I completely missed this.

I doubt this sort of thing, at least in the way Radiant expressed it, would be achieved through modding,.

agreed… its unlikely we’ll be exposed to the networking code required to make something like this work…

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