About the paypal


Out of curiosity, how far have we made it into Paypal at this time? Last one I know (Maybe I may be outdated on that) I’m hoping we’ve hit a million mark.


I have around USD 70k in my mind… but consider this as a not confirmed number. My expectations are that PayPal will by far not contribute as much as Kickstarter. So no way to reach the USD 1M.


…Ah crap. And I was hoping we could all get the persistent worlds…


I believe we will ;-). This feature sounds to me like a win-win-situation. The player can get some more and very interesting content. Radiant could potentially get some ongoing revenue stream and make first steps / experiences towards an “mmo”-setting. Of course all depends on the sales numbers, once Stonehearth is out…


It sat at around $70k about a week ago … not that you heard that from me!


… that isn´t much more since the kickstarter end … and that is only because they haven´t contact gronkh :wink:


I was wondering the same thing, does the PayPal end tomorrow? Was hopping it could make up the difference and get us to the 1 million mark :).


Well if they don’t reach the million mark there are many options to consider. If sales are good enough (not counting kickstarter) they may be able to implement it. Muse Games recently went back to kickstarter to implement adventure more in Gun of Icarus so it’s possible that Radiant can do something similar. Maybe another 250k to expand the game after it’s been created. I’d prefer persistent worlds to be an option though as opposed to being thrust upon multiplayer games, but I think that’s how they envision it anyway.


thats correct… 6/13/13…