300k just got hit~


And we hit it.

A while ago if you include Paypal ;3 But we’re at it officially now


indeed we have… congrats all… onward! :smiley:


I’m curious as to how much we have in paypal fundage. I know they said they were going to keep track of it separately , but I wonder how much we have so far. We need Alternate Planes!


I should imagine they’ll update the paypal info today alongside the update they’re going to put up!


if we had $4,757 on the 10th, we could safely assume we’ve surpassed the 5k level, and are between 5-7k maybe?


Yeah I would say that’s about right. I just really hope we hit the 400k mark :X gotta have co-op man, gotta…


@w00tyd00d Just in case you’re worried about there not being co-op, don’t be!

  • [urlhttp://discourse.stonehearth.net/t/coop-shouldnt-be-a-stretch-goal-but-should-be-a-primary-feature-and-pvp-should-just-go-away/273/18]What if you don’t reach the $400,000 stretch goal for co-op multiplayer?[/url]

“Stonehearth will definitely have co-op, it’s just a question of whether it comes in the initial release or shortly thereafter. If we reach our stretch goal, we can afford to hire more programmers to speed up development and get it into the initial release of the game. Even if we don’t reach the goal we plan on adding co-op play soon after release funded by the revenue generated from sales of the single player game.”


Nice nice :smiley: I like it!