BOOM! Guess what just happened?

WE HIT 180,000 dollars of backs :smiley:


Cool. I hope we hit the co-op multiplayer. Besides, I’d prefer that over the ‘PvP.’

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I hate skiing. And snow. And cold. In short… WINTER! =/

Their PvP cloned cities will be easier to implement than full fledged online multiplayer. I imagine they ordered them the way they did because the ability to do the former is a step in the development process towards being able to do the latter.

I’m just afraid that if they don’t reach the 400,000 marker, people will bail out because they really want co-op over pvp raids. Don’t get me wrong, I want both, but I feel co-op should have the lower tier only because they are focusing on the “buddy” tier system where you try to get your friends into the game.

Somehow I do not fear that.
There are so many backers that even if some pull back there will still be enough funds. Also, I’d be very curious to see how much those who may decide to pull out have pledged. Don’t misunderstand, every Dollar is a good Dollar. But if say 30 guys with each 30 Dollars pull out all that’s lost is 900 Dollars, hardly a danger for the game.

Also, I strongly doupt that we’ll miss the 400’000 Dollar mark. I am more curious to what further steps will be introduced, especially between 300K and 400K and also beyond.

I know, and that’s a good point, but still something to think about.

I’m hoping the new stretch goals are pretty good. After we hit the 240 yesterday I stopped caring until we hit 400. The 260 and 280 just seemed kind of bland to me. I mean, new classes are always cool and should be interesting, but was sad to see 280 was just another pet that will probably just be cosmetic again. Now if that little dragon can fight along side me, then that’s different. I hope she attacks and eats the little rabbits that bounce around my village.

@Cronus Just incase you didn’t see this in the other thread, you don’t need to worry anymore!

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Awesome. That actually does make me feel better. I just remember in the live stream the other day and he said that if they didn’t hit the goal, they couldn’t make any promises to what would happen after the game was released.

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Well I’m thinking that’ll clear up a lot of confusion, and ultimately everyone’s happy!