Anyone concerned if they don't reach 400k?

After reading some of the comments on Kickstarter and a few other sites. I’ve noticed some people mentioning that they would cancel their KS if the game doesn’t reach the 400k stretch goal. After reading some of those I have grown a little worried what kind of impact that might have to the funding of the game. I mean, I doubt it would be enough to make the game not be funded, but still an odd thought to have.

Just curious what other people thought about that or their thoughts if they game failed to reach the co-op stretch goal.

I know for me personally the co-op was a big influence in my backing of the game. After the live stream yesterday where he mentioned that he was unsure if they would be able to co-op at all if the goal was not met, just got me thinking. So I figure I would bring up the topic on the forums to see how others felt.

As far as I’m concerned, funding stops at 260k.
Everything above that is “wasted” on multiplayer features of one kind or another. Reaching 260k is a very safe bet so nothing to worry about. =)

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@Cronus I don’t play gnomoria for the co-op.

I don’t play Timber and Stone for the co-op

I don’t play Sim City at all, but if I did, it wouldn’t be for the co-op.

I can understand the appeal of the co-op, and yer, sure, it would be fun, but damn I want that extremely solid single player there first. Co-op multiplayer was never a factor in me backing this game, and if it is funded, or if it comes along at one point then fantastic, but this game in it’s entirety just looks too damn good to pass up on, regardless of whether or not I can allow people to ruin that giant city I spent ages on.

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I am not concerned about the co-op either. As it is, the kickstarter is moving at a pretty good rate, and I am sure given time, and enough want, the developers would eventually add in co-op, even if it didnt reach 400k. I mean, we still have till December until beta even comes out, and then how long till the “full release”? (in the live stream he mentions that the full release is a bit confusing since they plan on continuing to add more features even after the game releases, kind of like minecraft)

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Ya im not not concerned for multilayer at all im here for my custom species that i will play instead of the hoomans and then maybe make some new weapons of there are not ones that i want and so on.

HOWever if Co-op could be obtained via Lan then would be quite happy cuz then i could get a laptop and join a lan party or maybe a VPN group where we play the game together but lets be honest your not really gonna play multiplayer in that respect unless it’s to play with this one other person cuz let’s face it unless you got separate settlements going on from the very start your not gonna need more than one player… the only other instance is that the city gets so huge maybe one person can not govern it all but that’s all about it comes to i think.

so ya not concerned about multiplayer at all rightstrong text now and more concerned about the baby dragon we get at 280K.

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I think I agree? But yeah, any multiplayer would be targetted I think, not like minecraft where it throws you in with a bunch of randoms when you join a server, more of playing with friends. I wouldn’t want to play this style of game with randoms actually, then comes the cheating, the empires already made when you join, etc.

I’m of the entirely opposite opinion as the majority here, as I am desperately hoping for the Co-Op and couldn’t care about the $300k-> tier up until the $400k mark. The art style, gameplay and combined raw amount of stuff to do would make this a perfect addition to the “games I can play with my girlfriend” category, which are coming up woefully short at this time of year. There are any damn near infinite number of primarily or entirely single player games available through Steam, GOG or any of the other online distributors. But a good coop game with a vastly extended lifetime through open moddability and all that raw potential? That would be a godsend.


Coop isn’t what I’m looking for in this game AT ALL, but I think it would be VERY fun. My hope is that the other stretch goals we don’t know about yet balance this coop stuff with more single player content (underground construction please?).

At any rate, I don’t think MOST people are going to remove their funding. HOWEVER! depending on where we are in the last few days, I’ll pump in a few more dollars to try and hit that 400,000 dollar mark. :slight_smile:

Co-op would be (will be!) awesome, but yeah, I don’t play Sim City, Civilization, or Dwarf Fortress for the co-op. The only real advantages to meeting the goal is that we get co-op sooner and that it’s integrated into the game design as early as possible, which will make implementing it later down the road much easier.

That said, I’m not at all worried about meeting the goals. The kicktraq projection is that this game is going to net somewhere between, what, 600k and 1.5 million? The real question is what further stretch goals they can come up with.

The way people are continuing their support, I’m thinking that they will probably hit $300,000 sometime this weekend (fingers crossed). Also, getting the funding for Mac and Linux support was a huge boon. Plus, showing that they have a working game engine with a lot of cool stuff in it already doesn’t hurt. Just keep spreading the word and generating as much buzz as you can and they should hit that $400,000 mark and beyond.

At this rate, I think it is a non-issue, especially if people continue to get the word out. That said, we don’t know what the stretch goals between 300k and 400k are so those could be solo-play aspects as well that we might want to look forward to.

I know a lot of people who aren’t backing it until it reaches the 400k goal, so if and when it does hit it I’d imagine there are quite a few others out there who are doing the same and that pledges would increase dramatically. Might not happen that way but I consider it a possibility. I’m more excited for singleplayer personally, but coop could be a very welcome addition.

That’s an unfortunate way to go; the more sensible thing would be for them to pledge now, to push the Kickstarter closer to the goals, so people are inclined to donate to reach the goal, as it is closer.

Advise the people you know who are refusing to back until 400k that they can simply cancel their pledge on the final day if they are truly worried that it will not hit 400k. It is far better to show support now and keep momentum going

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I never played Minecraft in multiplayer mode and I don’t care much for coop either.
Last month I tried to organize a series of Gnomoria games in co-op mode and although there was a lot of responses in the first couple of days the players gave up after a week or two never to be heard from again.
Coop and multiplayers seems to be attractive to a lot of people until they try it then it’s not that good.

You run into a lot of new problems with anti cheating and making sure that all players are using the exact same mods. And not only the same list of mod names but you have to check that each mod is exactly the same as the other players. Or some cheat could give themselves a huge advantage by modifying a common mod.
You all know that Stonehearth will be full of mods including the official game itself being built out of mods,

It’s funny, I’ve never played Minecraft in single player mode. I’ve always ran a personal server on one of my extra computers and allowed my friends to jump on whenever they want and play. I’ve never really joined random Minecraft servers, just with friends. Which is what I would do with this game, setup a personal server on my extra computer and just had friends join in so we could create epic cities and be connected.


Minecraft in singleplayer is enjoyable initially, but the novelty soon wears off. I think Minecraft’s success really hinged on that multiplayer aspect, the fact you could join in, build, survive, show things off etc with your friends. But Minecraft is a bit of a different experience, and ultimately a lonely one with singleplayer, Stonehearth will seemingly be quite different!

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As much as I am more concerned about a game having a superb single player component above everything else, sometimes I would love to be able to play games with my own friends as well. With that said, I much rather a game have a simple (yet functional) local co-op component so that I’ll be able to share my favorite moments with my friends than a multiplayer component that may invite immature players to grief my experience.

I personally believe that some of the best experiences in games are when you make a blunder and have your best friends continue to talk about it every time you guys are having a drink at a pub.

So I hope that this Stonehearth will reach its $400,000 stretch goal. Even if it doesn’t, I believe that this game deserves to be funded that much.

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As much as everyone wants to hit the $400k goal, I just want to play the game! If a bunch of kids want to cancel their funding and throw a hissy fit because they don’t get what they want then so be it.
The community is better off without them.

Co-op would be awesome, yes, but the main thing is getting the game to have an extremely fun single-player experience first. If the single-player isn’t fun, how would multi-player be fun?

With the incredible amount of work that is being put into this game it’s a real shame that some people don’t see beyond the “what I want” and what the Dev team deserves. Radiant Entertainment deserves all the money that’s coming to them regardless if it doesn’t hit some stretch goal in my opinion.


I’m a bit on both camps, while I backed it simply for the singleplayer, I would definately LOVE having coop, however I can imagine that should they not reach that goal that they might then add it sometime in the future when time and money allows it, and if not then maybe some modders will take a go at it.

Overall I’m not going to be dissapointed if they dont reach the goal, it’s an added bonus for me.

For those who say they’ll withdraw their pledge should that goal not be reached, I believe that most of them probably wont, much like all those who want to boycot a game but end up buying it anyway.


I would be willing to pledge once it gets to 400k but until then I don’t find it a worthy investment for me since I for one am huge about coop games. Coop is much more enjoyable.