How much do you think kickstarter will reach?

I hope that it gets to 400k, I wish I’d reach more, but from what I’ve counted and thinking realistically I don’t think it will go more than 400k (well, a bit more is possible) unless, of course, some big youtuber makes a video about it, then of course more will be donated…

I sure wish that seasons and multiplayer get reached!

a lot of people might just support it at the last possible moment, so i’m hoping for 450 or so.

Well 15 days is a lot of time so at the moment I believe the 400k is pretty given, but I am not so sure about the 500k at the current pace of things.
It really depends on the next array of stretch goals after the 500k, if more interesting reward tiers are being introduced and on news coverage… in 2 weeks time everything is still open, give it a week more and the outcome is more predictable :slight_smile:

I think it’s going to be a long slog to 400k, and then we’ll see a spike of donations as co-op appears to be a highly desired feature; not sure if it will be enough to hit 500k. The pattern for this project has been interesting, per KickTraq:

Sunday was the worst day the project has had but then Monday was the best day out of the past six… So at this point it’s anyone’s guess.


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600k and another 20k from paypal

i hope we see some media coverage as well… that will certainly drive some new folks to the campaign… and of course, the ever popular “magic tweets” that can send a campaign through the roof… :slight_smile:

400k is certainly within reason, but hitting a cool half million would be wonderful…

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Alot of people are waiting for the Co-op hit and they will donate after that. around 500-600K?

400 seems not that much of a problem - if the new $75 tier is appealing there might be many people upgrading their pledges too.

The only thing that really counts is that the project will be funded and we will get to play the game eventually in my opinion :smile: