Heads up - New Kickstarter Stretch Goals

Just in case some of you haven’t seen it yet, they’ve added stretch goals between $300,000 and $400,000

Scroll down the [urlhttp://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1590639245/stonehearth]kickstarter[/url] page to find descriptions and some art!

Also, whoever writes those descriptions - is that you @sdee - you’re doing a damn good job!

Edit: Apologies for the spelling mistake, it’s bedtime!



I really hope that we can hit the stretch goals, even with all the features up to $400k this game is hugely ambitious but I have not doubt that Tom and Tony can pull it off.

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Fantastic! I love that seasons is a stretch goal now. I know that is something everyone was wanting.

I also noticed the new 500k goal. That sounds badass!! I feel like I want to be Cartmen and freeze myself until December.

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Ok, sorry… it just got me really excited. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m actually more excited about seasons than anything else, as silly as that sounds.


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Also, Radiant ought to make sure to add an update to the Kickstarter so it will email everyone; I don’t think updating the front page will notify people who have already pledged.


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Seasons are great and will add a lot of depth the game, but the alternate planes should make innovative mods much easier to add in – “oh, a portal!”

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@wminsing you know, I’ll be honest, the idea of alternate plans itself isn’t what excites me. What having that as a stretch goal means for the overall vision of the game DOES. Also: creating alternate planes means a lot more character models and (potentially) biomes. Nevermind added magical weapons, encounters, new stories to tell, etc. Everything that hte idea of alternate plans entails makes me SO PUMPED.

Seasons was my favorite expansion for The Sims ever.

Not that it has anything to do with this post… I’m just wondering whether it might become my favorite stretch goal as well. I mean… SEASONS! THEY’RE AWESOME!

Please tell me that even if we don’t reach those stretch goals they will eventually (post-launch) make an appearance anyway!
PLIIIIIS :smiley:

@Gridian I think a good way to look at stretch goals is like this: “Reach a stretch goal, we put it in the game by the time of beta” / “the more money we get the more quickly something will be implimented.”

Just like Minecraft, a game like this really will never be “finished” and even after it’s official “release” I’m sure there will still be plenty of updates. I’m honestly not concerned that we’ll be missing out on much of anything, even if the initial release is lacking in a few things.

I don’t know about “By the time the beta” comes out, but I always see stretch goals as “by the time the game is officially released.”

Seasons would be amazing!

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I guess I got a little overexcited about the seasons :blush:

Oh don’t worry, I’m still giddy from the thought of it! If I had the money I would make up the difference right now, but alas, I don’t :frowning:

Haha, I thought about that myself :laughing:

But I already pledged more than I have ever paid for a game (including the CE of LoTRO) and 80’000 is a tad much for my budget. :wink2:

I would even have my doubts at seeing stretch goals not reached in-game by the time the game is released, but I do think they will have a roadmap by that time of what they want to put into the game depending on the success it sees.

@AKAtheMilkman it depends on whether or not they open up game purchases during beta, a la Minecraft. As people potentially saw the game in action, they could be more intrigued and start buying it to try it. Added revenue could help the game development and we could “hit” those new goals.

I think if they ever had a true open beta, they should have a closed beta for a few months both so they can polish it a little bit and make that $30 seem more worthwhile, but I want them to make the best game possible and if opening to an open better in Dec. was the only way to do that, I’d be for it.

besides that, maybe they can release some of their more complex ideas as DLC? Hell, even if they added new classes for one or two dollars, I’d be down to pay for that!

Seems like we’ll be able to reach Engineer just fine. Although I doubt we’ll reach coop multiplayer. b-but I believe in you to squeeze it in if we get close.

@CTheRain We’re making about $10,000 per day (and that’s ONLY with kickstarter, I’d estimate another $5,000 per day from paypal) and there’s always a last minute spike the last 5 days or so. If you do the math, that should be at least another $150,000 or so. I think we’ll be well into the 400,000 dollars. Depending on how much money the last minute spike brings, we might easily be looking at 500k

I’m basically guessing between 450-550k.