Additional Stretch Goals

I dont want to get too far ahead of ourselves here but are you following Stonehearth on kicktraq?
Perhaps additional stretch goals might be a thought, if you dont reach them…no harm done.
Take a look at Castle Story’s kickstarter trend… it was first day funded and climbed to 800%.
Now im not saying you should be considering an 800% goal, but what about 3, 4 and 500%?

I don’t think they were quite expecting 800% of their goal in support. I’m sure they have other stretch goals in mind, typically with Kickstarters part of the fun is getting to discover them during the pledge period. Currently with their goals listed at $20,000 apart, at this rate we’ll get to see at least one per day!
Also, a lot of Kickstarters, particularly video games, don’t manage to ship on time. I’m sure they’re discussing what are manageable stretch goals that they can meet in their current timeline.

I agree, they should have fewer stretch goals at greater distances apart. I suppose though if they yield enough support from kickstarter it is possible they will get more developers on board. Reducing development time. Things like a Mac and Linux port will be difficult to achieve in the allotted time with only 2 devs.

I feel they should update as things come along. After they hit the close to 300k or earlier I’m sure they’ll announce the goals in between. Most likely they’re trying to figure what else they can add to the game that can be reasonable. Most companies would love for their games to go super high, but a lot try to go as the money rises versus bombarding with all the stretch goals at once.