Delay the Kickstarter Project

If we can delay the Kickstarter by a bit more I think we can hit 700,000 and get more awesome stuff beyond the three kingdoms.
(Personally, I just want more stuff for the game :tongue: )

So what are your thoughts on this?

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delaying the kickstarter means delaying the funds received… at best, radiant wont see any of the receipts for about 2 weeks after the campaign concludes…

personally, i think they have more than met their objective… they are a financial success, and they have proven just how strong a concept they have… lets let them run with it now, and craft the amazing game we all know SH can be… :wink:


i don’t think you can delay a kickstarter I’ve never seen it even when it looked like it would have been the only thing to save a project from not being funded. They could cancel it if they wanted >:).

I don’t think it’s possible to delay a kickstarter, and I don’t think it’d benefit them to do so.

They already have a mammoth task ahead, and a lot of work to get to where they wanna be, there is only so much they can do in this time frame.

I don’t think they can keep getting stretch goals out there that reflect the level of money they have hit whilst sticking to the time frame, and as @SteveAdamo said, they’ve already proven that there are enough people who believe in what they have to offer, they’re 5x their initial goal, and it should now be about allowing them to make the game they want to make!

I echo the call to NOT delay the kickstarter, for several reasons:

  1. No way to change the timeframe once the campaign is started; they’d have to cancel and restart, which probably actually turn a lot of people AWAY from the kickstarter.
  2. Radiant has already bitten off a LOT with their current stretch goals. Better to under promise and over deliver.


Just from an eye of a 15 year-old (tomorrow yay :smiley: ) Doesn’t mean you guys need to go hardcore… jeez

apologies if my response gave the wrong impression… all suggestions and discussions are welcome, regardless of age… :wink:

now, go do your homework!


I agree extending the kickstarter wouldn’t be what I’d want, anymore goals to reach and they might not get the game out to us in time and have to delay the release date, though I do like the post release goals idea they’ve had

i think it was an excellent blend of shooting for the moon and wonderfully awesome to have… :wink: