PayPal Donations and Stretch Goals

I want to start off by saying congratulations on hitting the $550k stretch goal! With that stretch goal being reached I had a simple question pop into my mind. Will the PayPal donations still count towards the stretch goals after the kickstarter has ended?

Right now all PayPal donations made are being counted with the kickstarter pledges towards the stretch goals. Recently though, Radiant announced that they would be extending the end date of the PayPal donations by 2 weeks. At the rate the kickstarter alone is getting in pledges everyday another 2 weeks for PayPal donations could mean making a total amount of money that hits a couple of those stretch goals that have yet to be revealed.

i can only speak in regards to other campaigns i’ve been involved with… radiant isn’t obligated to “count” the paypal contributions raised past the campaign window, towards stretch goals… but it has been the norm for other campaigns to count those funds towards to overall total…

again, its entirely up to the team… :slight_smile:

I actually wouldn’t expect them to count the money raised after the kickstarter ends towards the stretch goals considering they already have their hands full. I was just hoping and maybe even a little bit of wishful thinking.

as it has now come up a handful of times in the KS comments, as as this thread already exists, i felt it i should ask on their behalf…

would there be an option for folks to “bump” their pledge amounts to reach higher tiers, by combining PayPal with their KS pledge? this is obviously another layer of management, but it’s worth asking… :slight_smile:

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Just as a brief reminder for people who still wants to support Stonehearth via PayPal… this option should be only open until tomorrow (June, 13th)!

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yes sir! and it seems Springmonkey has been spreading the reminder in the KS comments… :smiley:

Sure hope to see a final tally tonight.
Not expecting it to have raised the total to 1 million, as the paypal link was never very advertised (outside of chat) and was very slow compared to the KS.

I know they said during the Thursday video that it was expected to reach 82k, now that PayPal campaign is officially over was the final tally every released?

not that i’m aware of… and since the paypal page is still technically “active”, we probably wont know until its taken down (and most likely replaced with Humble Bundle)…