The 2-Weeks Paypal Pledge Party!

Hey there,

as we all have noticed the kickstarter will end soon and we will have two more weeks to make our dreams come true! How can we make it happen that we hit the 1 million goal? What is your idea to get more people to pledge for that goal?

I would love to hear some ideas from you guys!

Thanks for reading, Ghost.

p.s. Sorry if my grammar isn’t 100 % correct, English isn’t my first language you see!

fear not @Ghost, your English is perfectly legible… :slight_smile:

i think we’re on the right track now, but perhaps another Youtube “burst” would be in order to reach such a lofty goal…

the team has done an admirable job in creating media attention… so at this point, its somewhat in the hands of fate now…

dun dun dunnnnnnn

@SteveAdamo I completely agree with you on the point that the team has done great so far!
But with such a big and enthusiastic community we might be able to give it a little boost.

Somewhere down this forum I’ve read a post about us posting a message on gaming forums in the “chatter” section.

But how do we get people to pledge? I mean, how can we get them to offer money through paypal without having them having to worry about wether they will get their product yes or no? I wouldn’t blame them for beeing doubtfull. I mean with since the kickstarter is over.

I think that if we set up a sort of marketing campaign as a community, on popular websites (for example, I’ve been creeping on the reddit sub on stonehearth.) Game cons? IF there are any in these two weeks. Etc.

And ofcourse I was just asking for people their ideas :smiley:

the best way that i can image is that they contact Gronkh from Germany ^^ In Germany the most people doesn´t have a creditcard BUT a PayPal-Account … or 2 or 3 or … ähhmmm ok other theme xD

Gronkh has 1,6million viewers - soooo if they contact him and he make a special over Stonehearth we will reach it definitly ^^

The last information from them to this topic was on the 15.May that they will check it out ^^

Hello @ all
you should push the game forward to the german market. There is a “let´s player” gamer called “tomidotio” from Austria wich already has 10.000 followers on his site.
He presents several indie games projects on his site wich is called “causal friday”. I don´t know but maybe he donated for your project too, as i did.

Wow, we should contact Radiant Entertainment about Gronkh! AND PERSISTENT WORLD WILL BE OURS MUWHAHAHAHA… xD

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I have now post a article in his forum^^ but i can´t contact himself for this - because when i contact him and he want it at least that BAD like me and Radiant doens´t want it - i will have problems for ever xDDDD

do it! go on kickstarter and send them a message^^ the more the better :wink:

hmmm only 29hits in gronkhs forum -.- we need them to make a special over an prealpha … Tom or Tony if you read this … don´t fear with the translation - i will take this for you - i only need your permission to ask him xD

I’m not Tom or Tony, but you sure do have my permission ^^

As long as you’re not being too pushy/ annoying/ spammy when you are posting on forums I don’t think the guys would have any issues - they have asked that we let them handle all the mainstream press, but as for social networking, and I assume by extension forums, it should be fine!

True, true, guess I just really wanted to hit that 1M goal xD

on the forum is not the problem goeffers ^^ but i think he hasn´t the time to check the forum ^^ so the best way will be to directly contact his redaction - but this i won´t do without permission :wink:

at the moment are 1 answer and 46 hits xD

55 hits only and 1 answer -.- not enough … :cry:

update: ok now we have 62 hits ^^

@Wiese2007 your efforts are appreciated… and fear not, even if the 1 million mark isnt attained with Paypal contributions, the team has taken other measures to help meet the goal…

Tony is working 4-5 hours per day at his makeshift lemonade stand (where he is concurrently trying to fix discourse)… shouting at a computer monitor while simultaneously juicing lemons is taxing… but, he is bringing in an additional $.35 an hour…

Stephanie has scratched “become a professional cage fighter” off her bucket list, and can be seen on Fridays wrestling under her alter-ego “Dee-Stroya”…

Tom… for legal purposes, its best we dont go into too many details…

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lollllllllll ^^

hmmm i want to know who will win the fight Tony or his Monitor xDDDD But 35 Bucks per hour??? … can he send ma some of the lemonade? the lemonade must be awesome xD I must try this ^^

Stephanie in a Cage fight … hmmm I hope with mud - that brings more money, also if she not win :wink2:

And to Tom … ähmmmmmmm YES YES that´s the best for all xD

Nononono, he’s earning 35 CENTS per hour… As compared the minimum wage of (forgive me if I’m wrong, I can’t work yet) of about $8.75 or so.

I’d like to see a live counter for the PayPal pledges. That would let us know if we’re even close to the “Persistent, Connected World.”

i think they don´t tell us this to surprise us … but I want to know if my advertising helps xD

soooooooooooo tommorow is the last day - when i´m correct -.- in the forum it has only 78 hits and i don´t think they have send him one email ^^ soooo my conlusion is: that I
think we haven´t reach the mill -.- :cry: :crying_cat_face: :cry: