$650,000 stretch goal idea - Holiday


I think the Developers will deserve a holiday. After the final release (and any teething issues are dealt with) they should have a holiday, paid for by the backers extra money.

P.S. They didn’t ask me to write this
P.P.S. Me saying that makes it seem like they did
P.P.P.S. They really didn’t.


its not what the money is for. I’m sure that through the sales of the game they will have plenty of money to visit the Bahamas or whatever. People donate their money because they believe in the project.


ah yes, but the developers ARE the project, right? so, to a certain extent, their health and well being are tied to the funds they generate (both now, and after release)…

having said that though, im sure the team has absolutely no intention of abusing the funds, and are looking forward to being able to deep dive into game development, as opposed to campaign management… :slight_smile:


If they felt that they couldn’t deliver another stretch goal then I really wouldn’t mind if they didn’t add one. I know it’s a kickstarter and you are supposed to, but they shouldn’t feel obligated to add one.

Starbound only had 3 pre-order stretch goals.


I’m pretty certain that if the developers decided to use the money from Kickstarter for a holiday, they’d be facing a lot of refund requests. Whilst I’m sure they deserve a holiday, they should buy it from the actual proceeds of the game rather than the Kickstarter funding which is there to enable the project to take form.