$650,000 Stretch Goal ideas

In all of our current stretch goals, pretty much only positive things are listed. Festivals, Seasons, Animal trainers, etc. The point I am trying to make is that there is nothing negative (Aside from the Pirates, Ninjas, and Politicians Goal). My idea is that the $650,000 goal should be to have natural disasters. Floods, tornadoes, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and fires could be a very interesting addition to the game. Of course, some simpler players may not appreciate this. So if there is a difficulty setting in the game, perhaps these could be disabled/enabled to prevent slower players minds from exploding. If the only things a player has to worry about is advancing, expanding, defending, and feeding the population. The came might lose a bit of potential. If this isn’t implemented on it’s own, I am sure someone will make a mod for it.


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I don’t think the Stretch Goals are all positive; the elementals are a hostile tribe, and seasons might hurt as much as they help. That said, I do think natural disasters would be cool and I agree that if Radiant doesn’t implement them then a modder will.


Oops, left those two out. My bad.

Hmm… 605k as (last) extra stretch goal… Hm… maybe some different environment maps, like possibilities to get underwater or clouds. So that you can play on 3 ‘layers’ ?

Not to mention the Baby Dragon Whelp is gonna be causing all sorts of mischief. I mean… it’ll “accidentally” light your puppies tail on fire, which will startle the puppy, who will run away, running on to the kittens tail, which will scare the kitten, who will jump up onto the mammoth, which it views as its personal moving bed, but this time its kitten claws will be out, and so this will scare the mammoth, who will trumpet and trample about all cute and frolicky and mayhem will ensue.

gauranteeing subterrainian game play. :slight_smile:

i think for 650k there should be a familylife - child, teenangers, grandfams etc. because at the moment is the only information to get new settlers you can buy them in exanchange for food. and i think with all the goals like festivals pets etc there must be childrens in the game - and for them the fathers fight :smiley:


plus they said that environment disasters are already going to be in at release. Something that could be neat is if they could add subterranean. Could be a interesting tie in to the planes and put portals in various locations not just above ground.

in the first video they have said that they will be add subterranean digging :wink: with lavapahts, holes etc. it´s not a stretch goal because this will definitly happens after release … so they have tell this ^^

Well i mean more like caves and chasms and caverns and maybe lairs. just all the different cave structures you could think of filled with the worst possible of things :smile:. Maybe even a carnival at the lowest layers.

merge powers, activate!! :smiley:


Maybe they could a better or improve Physics system into the game. That will make the way things work in the world a bit more realistic. or They could add an in-game animation system. In which all you have to do is drag and drop to make them move and interact with objects in the world. Similar to Source Filmmaker but a lot easier.

I think mounted civilians would be a neat feature. Perhaps add a Stable Building Blueprint that makes horses that can be riden.

Maybe having a mining system implemented…

Goblins should kidnap children. That would be awesome to see! Then we can send off the father to save their child and get revenge!


that a good addition to my goal :smiley: or send the grandfather to the dragons - so that they dont attack :wink2:

i think they talked about how they have natural sort of disasters implemented on the las stream not posative though.

Randomized Quests! :smiley:

I would love to see Mounts & Ambient Weather be added to list. Everyone wants them and they’re not massive undertakings like the underground game or water physics.

@Lvl0User while those are both awesome new features, im curious why they are assumed to be easier to implement… this is purely the developer speaking now, as virtually any new feature request (no matter small or large) always has hidden implementation costs… :wink: