I agree with this

i agree with this dude see this video

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Wow, that’s awesome! Thanks so much to the author.

Those are inspired stretch goals! Skyrim Stonehearth! Wabbit “lagomorphs”! :smile:

But you’ve only “stretched” to $200K. You should raise the bar on us! At least up to 500K. Who wouldn’t want an anthropomorphic lizard tribe or Akbar-ish fish folk? Got dwarves? Steeds of many flavors- horses, mini-mammoths, pegasii! We’ve seen skeletons- how about ghosts and reapers? With a Skyrim biome comes frost giants and polar bears! LOL

I use the word lagomorph at every opportunity. :wink: Thanks for the ideas for different races and enemies! Your enthusiasm is inspiring.

The core game and community content are good reasons to back Stonehearth on Kickstarter. That’s why I’ve recommended this game to so many of my friends. But in my view stretch goals should focus on expanding or enhancing core game-play mechanics. For me, a good sandbox RPG should have deep simulation elements. (Not Sim-like, but more like Pen and Paper RPGs that simulated realistic game worlds.)

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Reapers were the first thing I thought of as well. Maybe it is the cutesy look of Stonehearth, but something makes me want to inject scary monsters into the game to terrorize the townsfolk.

Hmm, are we talking about scythe-reapers or ancient spaceships from outer space? :wink:

I was definitely thinking Reapers of the scything variety, but ancient spaceships from outer space sounds great as well.

Space invaders confirmed! Right? :wink:

Holy guacamole! You outdid yourselves with the stretch goals. Pirates. Ninjas. The “Order of Applied Equivocation” Dragons. PvP. The sky is full of win today :star2:

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