Next stretch goal? bespoke app for mod design?


here is an idea for the next stretch goal. how about designing a system for modders. perhaps a bespoke application for voxel design and story scripting?


I know there is an issue atm because the program they are using to make all the art has two versions.
the free one which can create and design all the items and monsters, but is unable to export them outside of the program.

the version which can export requires people to pay around $79.

They have said however, that the file format used ingame is a fairly common format.
sorry i dont have a link to the post explaining this better then i am.


i think as long as there is a free tool to use then it will be fine. the only issue i see is devs being put off by having to pay large amounts of money for something they are giving away


Found it for ya. here you go
this is the page you are looking for


yeah that! an editor for free designed for use just with stonehearth would be perfect