Idea for $650,000 Stretch Goal (Development Tools)

As there are already discussions (as far as I understand) on how Modders for Stonehearth could e.g. get a cheaper version of Qubicle, how about creating a stretch goal for that?

The additional money could be used to negotiate a Stonehearth-Version of Qubicle (and other tools required to create Mods).

I know that this stretch goal would not be too attractive for all gamers at a first glance… but at least at a second. I have the feeling that Stonehearth will gain a lot from a striving modding community and so will players. In addition another gameplay stretch goal will cause further workload for the team… better get the things done right than getting more things in ;-).

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Hey Voxel, well I think we should wait and see what comes out of the negotiations:

I’ll just copy in some parts from around the forum regarding this:

It would seem we should wait to see what happens regarding these negotiations, perhaps the stretch goal won’t be necessary if they come to an agreement!

@Geoffers747 Yeah, both comments look familiar to me. Sometimes it just helps “negotiations” if you have something else to offer (and not seldom money is quite an argument) ;-).

In addition there might be other tools required, e.g. 3ds Max will not be an option for too many people and I do not know which other tools might be of use. So all I am saying is, that having some spare budget for this purpose might be something to take into consideration. It might also be easier to outsource the development of a tool, compared to the development of a gameplay feature.

Yer I understand what you mean but it might be that we don’t need to offer anything and it’s all going to be fine!

But if they do need to implement free editions of these programs as a stretch goal then I’m sure they will!

As for 3ds Max as far as I know there are other things out there to animate models which are free - blender being one of them, but I’m not too clued up on that all. I’m sorry I’ve failed you :’(

The idea in itself is totally great, but besides having something to offer, there also has something to be negotiated and right now the specifications are more than vague. Meaning that its not quite fit as a stretch goal, because the reward is just too unspecific.
Anyway Minddesk would be crazy not to closely watch what is going on here and to come up with a way to have their software playing some or another role for this possibly huge amount of potential customers.

Maybe Minddesk could do some integrated editor for Stonehearth at a very low fee for Radiant and let that tool have some premium features for modders that would cost like 5-10 bucks to unlock.

And if they have not thought about it yet, now they might ^^

@PDanford Qubicle is just an example. Another idea might be to develop a tool which can support modders doing x or y or even z (to think totally out of the box ^^). I cannot judge what Radiant might need or not… just a suggestion.

I remember one of the livestreams Tom mentioning that it would be possible to mod blender to export the animations in the right format like he’s done with 3ds and if somebody from the community didn’t do they would sort it out so hopefully animation wise it should all be fine.

as ive said before, i really just want to hear what they envision, beyond what has already been suggested for the 600k stretch goal… roadmaps and brainstorming are often times one of the best parts of a project… :smiley: