Thinking about Stretch Goals

While the pledges grow to the first five, what are some with in reason goals would everyone like to see and met?

I’d love to see even more races, and their own structures, architecture and growth. Something to show the world is moving along as you do at each race’s own speed/available resources. (Credit to @WarfaceAlex for the jumping off point)

Maybe non-playable race interactions (Do bunny people get along with trolls?).

More types of game modes would be a favorite, I’m sure.

My biggest interest is the Mac and Linux Compat and CoOp, but variety in architecture and more NPC races could always be accomplished by community mods. An in game way to get community mods, or publish them to the community might be nice as well.


I too like the stretch idea of Co-op! I also think funding wise, in priority it should come after Compatibility with Mac and Linux, would be great to have a co-operative feature :slight_smile:

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Mac is a must for me but I would like to see development for water and ocean exploration too!


I would like to see some kind of Evil/Good system or something along those lines. Perhaps something really short or cutdown, but atleast have the ability to be doing Evil/Good actions towards Npc’s and such. Perhaps its not what the game is striving for and then so be it!

Otherwise mining and underground building would be to die for =)

Maybe less of good/evil, and a like/dislike system. How you treat other NPC groups could influence how they like you, and if they are allied with some other NPC group it could influence them too.

I like the idea but I think there should be caution that this doesn’t turn into a ‘God’ game - if you know what I mean.

But just to build on this, it would be pretty good to have a reputation system that positioned your settlement in a certain light, to other NPC settlements.

By this I mean, if you start getting a reputation as murdering caravans, or stealing from them, then merchants and caravans are less likely to visit, and other settlements might be less likely to trade or assist you.

Conversely, if you’ve provided troops or food to neighbouring settlements when they needed help, the favour could be returned when/if you are in need of assistance.

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Co-Op is top of my list. I can always boot into windows

Yeh I agree with you! Something of a smaller type not to distract from the games actual goal or so =)

Multiplayer is the one i’m most interested in, especially with the modding, you can have your own faction, how cool would that be, it’s like when you were a kid and you were playing legos with your buddies, scripting stories and building a world.

Definitely. That said, I hope there are different kinds of multiplayer. It’s one thing to have a ‘match’ start with an objective like king of the hill or last man standing or whatever that ends in a few hours. Its another to build a thriving kingdom and work with a neighbouring nation in trade and technology and maybe start/help in a war which could take a few weeks or maybe stay ongoing. And another option entirely to play the game in your own world with AI factions but be able to send out diplomats and envoys and travellers into other people’s games to establish markets and bring back mods and items.

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cross world trading would be pretty awesome.

@StephenFreer Think minecraft servers, I create the world, it generates and populates, and anyone can get on and join and start building (once they find a place). It could be like that, but instead of a single spawn point from which people spread out, it could toss them into the world and they have to find each other. (not too far of course). Heck, you could go beyond that and have it so that if a city/nation/empire is left untended for X time then it starts to fall apart, so you can find ruins to explore that actually used to be peoples cities or towns

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I like that idea! I hope it’s not to much work to implement!

That sounds amazing! I have always fantasized about that type of game, a continuous map type game.

If this game is about building (and managing) your settlement then I want the tools to BUILD things.
Things that do something.

So triggers like pressure plates or trip wires, levers, water power… and the 1000 things they initiate.
Interesting things that allow me to turn my fortress into an ork slicing-dicing-mincing machine that automatically flushes when the last batch has been ahh… processed. =)


From the early world pictures it looks to have oceans/seas between land masses so I’d expect to see boats but personally I’d love to see airship travel be an option with a stretch goal. It could have a whole section for siege warfare. Only things fitting the theme like widen catapults and the like.

Windows is always available as a dual boot option or the like.

Multiplayer is absolutely what should come first, they should change the stretch goals! Also what’s with all this Co-Op? Sure I’ll be nice for the first hour(s) or so but what if I wanted to pillage my buddies creations? Don’t put any restriction on attacking another players stuff, that would completely ruin multiplayer!

I believe that they have it the way it is now is so everyone that pledges it working to something big while achieving other smaller world building stretch goals. It is why most of my suggestions are (to my thinking) ‘small time’ because the big ones are going to be by nature larger community driven wants/needs.

(In reply to changing current stretch goals)

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I would like to see an ocean that you can travel on. Maybe fish or battle others ships and invade other lands. That would be cool.

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