How far are the stretch goals funded?

I know what the stretch goals are but I can’t seem to find how far they are funded. Anyone know that?

Far as I recall it’s on the KickStarter front page. Dwarven race was the last I think (for what it’s worth).

You can’t fund them anymore. The campaign ended and only the ones met are the ones that can be met.


Green funded, black not. Subject to alteration, amendment, delay and obliteration.


It’s funny how it seems like we’ve seen more progress towards the later goals than the earlier ones.

Clearly the plans were perfect and haven’t been changed at all :wink:


But which ones are funded?

Easy to look at that list a think “oh wow they’ve barely worked on any of that” but given we’re still in Alpha that’s to be expected. Once the core gameplay and tech systems are in place actual content (models, story advancement etc) is a piece of cake to implement. Anyone who has watched the dev streams will have seen just how many different creatures and stuff are waiting in the wings ready to be put into the game.

@oldmacman Answered this. On that list, all the GREEN ones were funded. The only one that didn’t make it Presistent, Connected Worlds. That said, just because they were funded doesn’t mean they’re going to make it into the game. Without argueing about this again, PvP Raids and anything PvP has been scrubbed. Debatable on many others.

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I wrote that comment before oldmacman put that picture, it just posted late.

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I think it is funny that there are 2014 posts that say Mac/Linux will be in 2014 fall, and they say it might be pushed back. It’s funny that it got pushed back 3 years.

Maybe it’s to be expected unless you’ve been in alpha for a number of years.

Anyone who has watched the streams will realise that just having art assets is less than half the battle. I believe Steph said that everything that goes in the game will have an effect on the game. That takes code and plenty of it, plus the associated testing.


It’s going to be pushed back way longer than 3 years.


I wish I had the free money to contact StoneHearth developers and give them 2 million dollars to work on Mac/Linux

The thing that is most annoying about waiting for games to get Mac/linux port is when people tell you to get a pc.

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At least you’re not going console.

That would be some kind of consolation.

Tomorrow Kingdom Come: Deliverance releases on three platforms. Sadly, instead of Windows, macOS and Linux (as advertised by the KickStarter), it’s going to be Windows, PS4 and XBox.