First Things First

I think it’s awesome the stonehearth team is making new denizens and better ways to make/fix things, but (and I don’t mean any disrespect here) I think that they should get all of the necessities out of the way first before focusing on new creatures and things like that. What I mean by that is I think things like the major classes, major environmental factors and cough cough multiplayer cough cough should be done first, then the rest could be included as updates.

P.S. this is partially biased as my friend and I have been eager to play stonehearth together

They’ve said since the Kickstarter that multiplayer is going to be one of the very last things developed because of the additional demands in terms of code. There’s a reason it was a stretch goal.

That said they’re actually pretty close to getting all the other major kickstarter promises filled out. Most of the classes are implemented now, etc.

The big exceptions (from memory, anyway) are flowing water, the Engineer, and the magic classes (geomancer, magma smith). Plus extra flavor things like the northmen, the dwarves, etc.

EDIT: to be clear, the current code is designed “from the ground up” for multiplayer, it’s just that it’s adding a whole extra level of complexity to things so it’s likely to be the last part implemented.


I am also happy to see multiplayer (and i always ask for the current status) because of playing coop.

Hieronymous is right. Give them time. Currently everything looks pretty solid and i don’t think they will mess it up :wink:

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I think they are doing a pretty good job so far, I wouldnt want anyone to rush them. Multiplayer will come eventually, just give them time.

(Not everyone is here for the multiplayer, either)


We very much want multiplayer too!
But from a development standpoint, we really need to nail down the fundamentals of the game, including the single-player experience, before moving on the complexity that comes with multiplayer.


Yeah, multiplayer will surely come last. It is much easier to implement into a (nearly) completed game, otherwise new mechanics (like more difficult monsters) might break it again…

I see what you mean. In that case, I believe that you guys are on the right track. keep up the good work!