Multiplayer awsome

how about multiplayer so you can build and have it half is one players territory the other half is yours it would be great to play with my friends a very good game

They have that planned on their roadmap on their main page; however they won’t touch it until they fully complete single player to what they call “content complete”.

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I imagine the reason that multiplayer hasn’t been introduced yet is that the game is still Alpha, i.e. Fairly unstable & still in testing stage (hence all the bugs popping forth and whatnot)
In my experience of alpha/early access games that have introduced Multiplayer early on, they practically double their workload, having to deal with a whole new entity. As I understand it, multiplayer generally introduces new unexpected issues, some of which may have already been fixed and worked out in Singleplayer, but suddenly crop up again requiring a new fix/work around in a multiplayer environment.
The way they’re running it through now, by stabilising and enhancing the singleplayer style, rather than diving headfirst in to multiplayer too early on is the better way of tackling this, in my rather, novice opinion. :stuck_out_tongue: Heheh.

But being on their development roadmap as Yosmo stated, it will certainly come along one of these fine days, sometime in the future. :grin:

If you were previously unaware of it, here’s a link to the roadmap that Yosmo was referring to.

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As people have stated, multiplayer is most certainly planned, for some point … in the future …

Search the forums for some more information, you might find this thread interesting:

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