Kickstarter - Star Crawlers

first… i’m terribly sorry @Newf!

second… insta-pledge! (as soon as i remember my new KS credentials) … i am really looking forward to seeing how this campaign progresses… very impressed with the twist on this old school formula…

Lead a crew of freelance adventurers & navigate corporate intrigue on the fringes of space in a classic sci-fi dungeon crawl

edit: p.s. the composer from FTL is doing the music here as well… :heart_eyes_cat:

DAMMIT STEVE! Why does thou forsake our wallets?

wow, this one is finally funded! :+1:

i cant believe this took half the campaign to achieve… am i the only one who sees the beauty in this title? :smile:

No, It’s just the fact that everyone is tired of you making us empty our wallet.

but… but… Cyber Ninjas!! Void Pskyers!!

does this help? :dog: :eyes:

(puppy dog eyes)

OY! That’s my job! I bet a bunch of people from the forums already backed it anyway. Don’t worry @SteveAdamo you robbed from someone’s wallet

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You mean Zer0 rip-offs? I mean, come one, you can’t deny the similarities here… to be fair, though, Zer0 was fairly generic, but still…

I’m tempted, Steve, but I’ve got too many to keep track of as it is. And I still have a Steam backlog (don’t we all?).

I’m afraid I don’t know the reference (which I’m sure will earn me some scoffs!)… regardless, I’m just thrilled with this title…

the expiration, combat, art-style and music just really work well (to me)… :wink:

Borderlands 2 (an utterly fantastic title)

ahh, right… well, i’ve played the original (and only a smattering of #2 on the Xbox)… didnt recognize the name though…