Newf Strikes Back: Kickstarter Spotlight: We Are The Dwarves!

It is time friends for us to strike back against the Evil @SteveAdamo who continually plagues us with amazing games that we just can’t help but empty our wallets on! I now introduce you to:

“Story-driven real-time tactical action game about the three dwarven astronauts in the Stone Universe. Developing for PC and Mac.”

This game looks to have great Graphics and great Gameplay, I will be the first one to say that those who do not back this game will soon regret it.


That does look really good! Starred it so I will be reminded. I can only back using Paypal anyway, so I’ll see if that’s available then and consider based on the updates and a more thorough inspection of the information they give.

Gosh darn you kickstarter and empty pockets.

would you be surprised to know that I saw this campaign, and decided not to spring it on my fellow forum members? :smile:

this campaign certainly looks interesting! :+1:

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No I would not be surprised

This surprises me though.


Going to give this ones a pass I think. Interesting, yes… Just not interesting enough :stuck_out_tongue: .