Favourite Game!?

Hi all, I know there’s probably another post for this but: Whats’? Your favourite game!?

Mine is FTL, it’s hard to explain why it’s so addictive without playing it, also soundtrack’s awesome

FTL link: http://www.ftlgame.com/

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My brother plays a lot of FTL, been thinking about trying it out.

My favorite game of all time? That’s a real tough one. I’m going to have to say Morrowind (GOTY for XBox). I’m sorry it’s not a more obscure indie game, but I spent so much time on that game. Was homeschooled and didn’t get out much, so I practically spent every waking moment playing that. What’s funny is I spent like 5-6 months doing all the side quests and all the extra hidden bits, got all of the daedric armor and made the SR-71 Super Scimitar (SR-71 was some enchanting savant who figured out how to get an ebony scimitar to do like 123549383 life stealing damage per hit) and everything before even finishing the main quest.

I still haven’t done Tribunal or Bloodmoon :’(


World of Tanks

besides the overall acting like a dumb guy, player base in my server, it’s a great game non the less.

and my Old Fave game R.Y.L. (Risk Your Life) i think it was a Malaysian game but i cant remember clearly since i played it when i was in 5th grade elementary.

Hard question, hard question indeed. I’d have to say content exploration and thinking games as my favourites, for example I like pretty much everything by Zachtronics - not sure whether SpaceChem or KOHCTPYKTOP is better - I’m also a fan of the Civ series and in particular I like Civ 4 and it’s giant mods. As for an actual favourite game I’m unsure, I’d say making them but it probably doesn’t count as a game, actually most of my most liked games I either like for similarities to programming or are complex and let my unleash a ton of theory crafting on them, if you could manage to combine the two you’d probably get my favourite game but without that I’d say that at moment it’s Civ 4. However it will likely change within the next few months as some games I’ve been waiting for should be coming out soonish.

mine is usually on the strategy genre, Civ series, Sims Series (not The Sims, Simcity, SimAnt, SimEarth, etc…u get the idea), Romance of Three Kingdoms Strategy Game & Dungeon Keeper.

something that is quite complex & deep with ability to bully AI :wink:

FTL is a great game, like to play it from time to time.

But I spent most of my gaming time with the Civ series (inkluding Colonization and Alpha Centauri ;)) and for the last few month it was Gnomoria most of the time.
Until Stonehearth Beta I will stick around with my WiiU (Pikmin3, Zelda WW, AC4, Watchdogs) and them concentrate on the Beta until MarioKart 8 :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve backed a lot of great games this year, many of them where mentioned here :wink: and I’m looking forward to all of them :wink:

It’s hard to pick a favourite because I am constantly cycling through my top favoured games (and sometimes bringing new ones into the cycle).

Currently, I’m playing a lot of one of the most under-rated games of all time, Liero Xtreme (OpenLieroX version). It’s a game where you’re a worm (or you can choose non-worm skins) and you shoot each other. Some compare it to Worms, but it’s nothing a like because it is real time and it focuses on swing around dodging your opponents shots.

I’ve been playing the game since I was 7 years old (with my brother) and started playing online properly at 9 years old. I’m now 16, so… yeah.

Old game, side-scrolling, keyboard-aim, everything you want in a game, well everything I want in a game.

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There are so many great games out there, but I guess I was never as passionate with any game like I was with Elite on the C64=, so well I’ll pick that and stay with it even though I haven’t played it since… whew, probably 25 years or so.

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im not sure i can call out one game as my all time favorite… but as for spending an inordinate amount of time on one, that would be (almost) any game from the Elder Scrolls series…

started with Arena, got ridiculous with Daggerfall and just insane with Morrowind… had i spent a fraction of that time doing something meaningful for society, we might all be in a better place right now… :smile:


As for favorite game, I’m not entirely sure, but the most fun I’ve ever had in one probably had to be Borderlands 2. That game… that game…

I deeply and thoroughly enjoy strategy/sim/god-mode games, and games with similar qualities to that. Another one of my favorite genres is the FPS (despite its recent inflation and “popularity”), and I CANNOT WAIT until Titanfall comes out. Brink was also a unique and fun game for me.

Of course, arcade-y types and platformers hold a special place in my heart as well.

Warcraft 3. Nuff said.


My favorite game… has to be the Mass Effect Trilogy. I consider them all to be inseparable, thus all three of them fit firmly at the top of my list. (Although the second is my favorite)

In a very close second place is the Legend of Zelda - although I can’t decide which one. It’s a toss-up between Twilight Princess and Ocarina of Time, although the others that I’ve played are fantastic as well.

Finally, third place is the Metroid Prime Trilogy, especially the Wii-remastered versions. Once again inseparable as far as placement is concerned. The second was my favorite during my initial playthrough, but the first is the one that I want to replay the most.

Honorable mentions include Super Metroid, Thomas was Alone, Braid, Psychonauts, and To The Moon.

Lately, I am enjoying FTL, Rogue Legacy, Stronghold 1, and Awesomenauts. I think that Rogue Legacy may very well be a contender for fourth place - but I’ll need a few more hours of gameplay to be sure.

Of course, I’m pretty sure that Stonehearth is going to take one of these top spots.

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Now that I think on it, Dwarf Fortress may top that.

And Stonehearth too, perhaps. We shall see.

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you’re just like me!
i play DF like no tomorrow
and when i dont, i play competitive WC3:tft

I was more of a fan of TFT SotDRP maps. I loved the RP side of it, but it died too soon and was completely replaced by DoTA, which ate basically the whole Warcraft 3 community.

if we’re going older school… Master of Magic, anyone? :smile:


If we’re going really old school I’ve really liked pretty much every game by Infocom I’ve ever played, that’s the creators to Zork for you slightly ignorant folk and an awesome easter egg in COD: Black Ops for you completely uncultured beings.

i have to say HOMM 3,5 and 6. and i also play a lot of KSP

Well BF42 and AoEII.

at the moment dota 2 but all time fav i would have to say any of the Warhammer 40K RTS games.