FTL: Faster Than Light - New Update Discussion

FTL is easily one of the best indie games I have ever played, bar none. It’s better than most non-indie games I have played. It’s now making a come back with a free update, adding more weapons, more subsystems, more drones, more danger, more music and good times. For those of you whom have not played FTL it is a Sci-fi Roguelike, that means you have one life to finish the game and if you die it’s back to start. Unlockable ships and ship layouts tailor the game to your playstyle, but you’ll have to earn them first. There’s a world of decisions to make in this game and they all have an affect on you and your crew. I have 5 steam keys that I’m willing to shell out to anyone who wants to experience FTL. First 5 people to post and ask for one will get one.

For anyone who already is a fan of FTL check out the awesome lego sets that are currently in the review phase at this site.
The lego sets represent every ship available to you in the game and look pretty sweet.

This game was once upon a time a Kickstarter game that was put up by two guys, Justin Ma and Mathew Davis not unlike Stonehearth. They received overwhelming support earning 200k out of a goal of 10k and their game has obviously been release and is critically acclaimed as well as just being freakin’ awesome. I personally own this game on 3 different mediums (humble store, GOG, Steam) because I honestly can’t throw enough money at these guys as this is one of the few Kickstarters I have missed and deeply regret. I hope that come September of 2014 Stonehearth will be able to have a similar awesome release with much praise, but for now FTL can tie some of you over until alpha/beta.

As a side, does anyone want to see anything in particular in this update?


There’s a new update? That’s good to hear, I thought the game might have been simply finished. Granted, I haven’t gotten to play it yet–I’ve mainly seen videos of it from other players.

Are they planning on anything to do with planets/structures in addition to simple space travel? I thought it might be an interesting twist if your craft suddenly finds itself being bombarded by a anti-space cannon base on a planet’s surface (That you can fight against with your ship or crew), or if your team would have to board orbital stations with goals or resources to collect, instead of simply “meet ship -> fight ship -> collect loot.”

I’ve only recently gotten into Steam as a gaming resource, considering Stonehearth and Starbound coming out soon. I might want to look into FTL as well now, with the prospect of new content!

(Also, the Lego models are excellent. I’ve been a personal fan since I was a kid, and it’s awesome to see our games today incorporated into them.)

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Yeah, I would love to try it out! I’ve actually been looking into getting it recently but never actually got around to picking it up! :smile:

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Man, I would just love to get my hands on this game! Been looking at it for a while, waiting for it to be on sale for Steam. But I guess this is a better offer :smile:

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Not yet but there will be in early 2014. The team didn’t announce plans for an update originally but I’m glad they had a change of heart.

That sounds like an epic idea but the fine details haven’t been released. I sure hope they add some station boardings that are a bit beyond basic choices. They did state in the update trailer though that there will be new events so who knows?

@Atralane, @SynysterMuskrat, @Heilari send me a private message with your steam e-mail or steam account name and I’ll send the keys over.

Update- 1 sent so far

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very thoughtful and generous of you… i have a copy myself, but just wanted to call out your awesomeness… :smile:

i had heard murmurs about the update… but wasnt sure of the validity… good to know! :+1:

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That would be awesome. I’ve been looking at FTL for awhile, but just never had the time to pick it up!

I would love to get my hands on one of those Steam keys, if there are any still left!


FTL is awesome. I got it this summer during the sale, and it has kept pulling me back in. Simple and quick enough to be casual in frame of time, but intense enough and with enough strategy that it scratches a deeper itch. One of the greatest games I have ever played.

and now there’s an update coming, you say?

“Hey! Why don’t we take this awesome game and make it awesomer!”
“How we gonna do that, it’s already Suuuuuper Awesome?”
"Lets [redacted]!"
Mind Blown


Yes, sir still a couple left. Just send me a pm with either your steam e-mail or steam username and I’ll send it asap.

Oooo! I love FTL, watched Nilesy run through it many times and very much enjoyed it! You reminded me that it was the game I’d been scratching my head about when updating my wishlist. If you still have a key left though, perhaps I wouldn’t have to! I applaud your generosity good sir :clap:

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Yeah, still some keys. I just need you to pm me your steam username or steam e-mail.

Is there any keys left? I would like to try this game. It’s on sale anyway, so if you don’t have any keys it’s not a big deal. It’s like 4.99

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Yep I think you may be the last one if everyone previously claims one.

@SteveAdamo or @Geoffers747 we can probably close this one, up to you guys. I’m out of keys and anyone searching FTL will at least know an update is on the horizon :smile: Santa Crobo will be making another come back on a future sale!


thanks again… very thoughtful of you!

+10 internet points to you my good man… :smile: