Humble Indie Bundle 9

some real gems on tap here… for less than $5… :speak_no_evil:


Already bought it, Brütal legend is legendary! FTL is a really good space ship managing game, and fez is just beautifully made.

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  • they will add more games hehe

Was already more than worth it for me, just pay above avarage and you will get those games later aswell :wink:

you mean, as the days progress, more titles will get added to the bundle? i dont recall seeing that before, but if so… well, the more the merrier! :smile:

Yess they will if you have paid above the average then next wednesday at 11am Pacific they will add more games. :smiley:

Even just Mark of the Ninja and Fez was a good enough reason for me to buy it. Unfortunately I already have Brütal legend, so If anyone wants it and isn’t planning to buy this bundle, just PM me and i’ll send you the steam key.

other bundles have had this aswell, as i recall the origin bundle got populous and one other game of which i can’t recall the name

very thoughtful of you… :+1:

i was thinking about getting the bundle, and using some of the games as competition prizes… and yes, @Geoffers747 thought of this first, but as usual, i’m just going to claim the idea as my own…

win win!


If I had the spare money right now It’d already be done.

Alas, bills bills GTAV bills.

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a girls gotta have her priorities!

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