Space Engineers (Alpha)

I found this amazing game on the youtubez and thought it deserved a little more attention
…about a stonehearth community amount of attention

youtube vid

link in youtube vid

well, im not the biggest “space game” fan, but i have to admit, the construction aspect looks pretty promising in the pre-alpha footage… :wink:

You opened it back up just for me, right?

I don’t see why you would close it. It’s an awesome game that has an amazing future for itself.

sorry, that was a miss-click… i meant to (and eventually did) close the new thread on Spark Rising…

For how awesome this game is, all I think it needs is a new title that better suits the subject and it will be buzzing with attention

The building needs a lot of work on this game, but i can’t complain, its an alpha…

i got this game too :smile:
Will be interesting to see multiplayer with huge space ships colliding and firing at each other.


Now On Steam! - $14.99

While it looks intriguing, I’m already trying to keep track of so many different Alphas and Betas that I’ve pledged to that I simply must pass… also, my wallet is like a 5-time blood donor, it just doesn’t end well if you do all 5 times within a week…

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Ok, so if you didnt know, Space Engineers is a game where you build things, well in space. I know, it’s a complete plot twist. But here is some things I have done on the game.

This is a Locust Cruiser armed with 5x4 Gatling Turrets and 2 Missile Turrets and a mean Shark Tooth Hull Wrecker.

This is a Grasshopper Light Recon Starship. It is complete with 2 Gatling Guns, a Really Good Gyroscope (4), a small amount of storage, and decent power supply.

This is a pic on a hole/crater I found in the asteroid I decided to build on. I went inside and…

It just keeps going, man! It’s alot bigger on the inside than it is on the outside surprisingly.


So, I’m thinking about buying it now, with my renewed wallet strength, and I was wondering: what kind of customizability do you have in building? Also, how does the resource system work?

Actually, if you were to record a quick video… that would be cool, too…

seconded… although, i havent take a look to see if there are any LPs floating around…

plenty of LPs on youtube, the video at the top is part of 3 videos by Vechz (super hostile author) he was just derping around, and some info on the game, it’s only creative mode right now, they want to implement fighting and survival, but the game is still only in alpha. The customizability is dependent on what you want to build. there are three main structures:

Small Ship
Large Ship
and Station

There are basic blocks with I think 7 paints (gray, black, white, red, green, yellow, and blue) basic corners, basic inside corners, basic triangle blocks, reactors, gyroscopes, there’s way too many, let me try to link something more helpful…

There are small ships and large ships, one thing I should explain is that there are blocks and then there are micro blocks, the micro blocks are used to create small ships. Small ships basicly have all their blocks minimized. So I can pull of things like the grasshopper parked inside the locust.

btw - link

this should help with customability

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Awesome, thanks! Now comes the Ponderance Stage…

@ManOfRet I think buying this game is a must. The building this cool and stuff, but can you imagine in the future the fighting and pvp that could happen? Imagine a bunch of ships going around being pirates, or landing a boarding party, or getting into small fighter pilots and having a dogfight. I think the pvp will be really cool once it comes out. Remember, this game is still just in Alpha

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This game is pretty damned cool. I bought it recently and can’t wait for multiplayer. Designing ships is bad ass.