Death of Space Engineers - Empyrion?

Hello guys,
so, I just discovered this jewel, and thought about sharing it with you. Empyrion - Galactic Survival (Canceled) by Eleon Game Studios —Kickstarter

I think it has a lot of potential, and with those features (in video) already implemented, I think they can overcome SE very easily. What do you think about it? :smile:

btw, I already backed with 2 of my friends :slight_smile:


This sorta looks like Space Engineers (Of course its in the title lol) and No Man’s Sky

Honestly I am looking forward to No Man’s Sky lol but this looks promising!

Honestly, considering the similarities, I’d rather wait for SE’s robust modding community to come up with something in this vein than pay for another standalone Space-Craft.

Thing is, I dont think that some things could be moded into SE, like the galaxy, planets, oxygen system…

While you’re right about the galaxy and maybe oxygen portion of this, a planet or planetoid would not be impossible or even improbable.

  • Mod in two soft variants of rock, likely Dirt and Dirt With Grass
  • Spawn massive asteroid, made of dirt/rock/resources with spherical gravity pulling everything at the surface and a bit beyond towards the planet.
  • Bit more advanced modding incorporating a sort of soft “shell” of clouds or what have you around the asteroid, potentially functioning off a similar system to the spherical grav generator, but with no physical effect on the player
  • Make shell appear blue/green/red/orange/whatever from the Planetside view, and look white/clear from the extra-planetary view.

The bonus portion on this is that you do not wind up with a flat “planet map” but a full planet in 3d space. You could even work out a method of rotation, if you really wanted to.