To the Moon We Go!

Hello all! I have a pretty good idea, I think, although it will take A LOT of work. The general idea of this is to add a separate plane, essentially, that your settlers can travel to in order to find rare ores, such as meteorite, etc, and they would achieve this by building possibly some sort of rocket, or a super catapult, or something like that.

This separate plane will be the MOON! Or the Mun, depending on whether or not you are trying to keep with the naming of the months.

Anyway, I’m looking for experienced modelers, coders, and generally creative and technically smart people. It will take a crap ton of work, but I think it could be accomplished.

Please note that I am not planning on starting this project, other than modelling work, until much closer to the beta release. Otherwise, we may end up writing code that is entirely ineffectual for the game. Besides that, I would need to sort of hijack some of their code for terrain generation, etc, in order to get it running.

Anyway, if anyone is interested in helping me out, reply here with the position that you hope to fill! I especially need coders, because I wouldn’t be able to do this on my own for at least a couple of years. I hope that I can form a team that is good enough to put out something that’s high enough quality that even the devs would appreciate it. Anyone willing to help out is more than welcome to join, and credit is given where credit is due!


The name of the month for me is the Moof.

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would be happy to assist on the Lua front… we’ll already have some logic to leverage via the existing travel to alternate planes…

sounds like fun! :+1:

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Seems interesting. Just explain what it is and why it’s special, because from what I know of the moon and planes this sounds pretty much like a desert plain with special ores an unusual entry method.

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Getting to the Moon would grant special alien bonuses, but nothing that is entirely OP. Also, you would eventually be able to turn a settler into a Sentiman, a unit that gives fantastic battle bonuses to the nearest X combat units (replace X with a number). The Sentiman also has the ability to control a few of the other team’s troops. After the battle, these troops can then be placed into labor/prison, or the Sentiman can order them to go behead themselves or whatever Goblins like to do for “honorable death”. Anyways, that’s not the only thing that would be special, and there are more things to come!

PS- Getting to the Moon doesn’t grant bonuses, but finding artifacts on the Moon does.

One modeller (correction, person who is happy to model, I’m no modeller) awaiting requests :smile:

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I too plan on making a project. But I’m waiting a bit longer (closer to the release of the beta) before I start anything.

Modelling doesn’t have to wait! :smile:

I do agree coding shouldn’t be attempted for a few months though

Yeah, the coding will have to be related to the actual material that Radiant has used in coding. By material I mean different tools and interactions and methods. On a side note, will we actually be able to see the engine @Tom? Not mess with it, but see it?

Only if a vital ingredient for your craft is Cavorite, and there are Moon Calfs on the Moon.

Sounds good to me. But what is Cavorite?

Anyway, PLEASE feel free to POST any IDEAS that you may have on this thread. If they get approved by me, then they will be added to the game. Also, I think an open-source mod for the people on this forum would be a good thing, rather than a closed off group. Everyone can add ideas if they want to, and suggestions are open from everyone on this forum!

Essentially, it’s unobtanium, that floats. From a Victorian novel. Levi stone or Float Stone from Final Fantasy, is basically the same thing.

Note that Moon Calves are gigantic caterpillar type things, not actual cows. I’m not sure whether the novel gets into them becoming moon butterflies, although I think that would be neat.

The Selenites keep them as cattle, basically. Large, freaky, potentially dangerous cattle, but cattle, basically.

(Selenites are also bug people, which I think, would work well for this, especially if we had giant caterpillar livestock.)

It’s not so much an idea, but a question which should create ideas: what kind of mobs would you find on the Mun?

Seriously, though, that would depend on what kind of things I get suggested to me! I will come up with some original-ish ideas, though, at some point. The only thing that can really be done right now is basic modelling and mod structure and organization, and if we run into problems during the actual technical build of the game. I have never actually created a mod before, but I will be making plenty between now and Beta for plenty of other games.

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It’s not a Mod that I’m working on. (after reading the comments below) I think I will start thing a bit sooner. But I still need time to make sure everything is right on my end.

Coding barely has to wait either, considering you can plan already and knowing the algorithm’s is at least half the code. You could also actually do a fair bit of coding as the glimpses we’ve seen hint at potential layout structures but even without those if it doesn’t involve io, ui, or directly interacting with the game you can can code pretty much anything. That means mostly algorithmic logic but still it’s coding.

As for the actual mod I assume we’ll be able to get scifi-ish tech right? because if we can go to the moon then we should also be able to get aliens on our team and laser blasters and stuff. Unless we go fantasy moon but that’s cheating as there that makes it just another plane and not really the moon. On the front of actual ideas for stuff we could have however make sure you look at the various aliens and things in Futurerama to add as there is a lot of cool stuff to add from there, we could even make it so the moon could contain coordinates to other planets if we were feeling more ambitious. I’ve also got a master plan sitting in the back of my mind to make this as awesome as possible but since most people would probably discard it as too much work I’ll have to execute it carefully and slowly.

Well, the Moonhearth mod (official name? Like for yes, otherwise no) shouldn’t be a typical moon. I’m juggling whether or not to allow space age tech or just keep with the theme, like using rockets vs Magic Catapults. I’m leaning a little bit towards the fantasy side, though, but that doesn’t necessarily mean no rockets. I’m still developing the idea, and that’s what this thread is for.

I too like the kind of fantasy thing. As for the name, Moonhearth sounds good to me. Have you dropped the idea of the Mun though, to keep in check with the months?

Yeah, that’s what I was mentioning early. Ok, so I’ll do a quick vote just to check for who wants what.

Like for Moonhearth!