New idea for a race, Technomancer/PlaneStrider

While like everyone else I like the ideas of dwarfs and bunnymen My hearth will always be with machines. call me a technophille if you want but a race driven by Machines if perfect for me. However lacking any programming skills I can only ever post ideas and concept art. In my head you start with a sort of mechanic only.

he will quickly gain the ability to make new mechanical people


I’ve drawn up a basic draft of a kind of Mech too


having given the man goggles/spectacles, you will win many friends among the ranks here… :wink:

well done…

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I’m thinking of making a giant pair of goggles one of the robots you can build :smile:

I’ve decided to Try and remove the torso, Just to try and create some visual diversity


i think … yes, he now resembles those bomber-guys from Super Mario, yes? although definitely not as angry looking… :smile:

It just annoys me how much he looks like a pumpkin :smile:

it’s ok… we’ve all shopped in the husky section a time or two… he’s just “big boned”…

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its sounds like an awesome idea for a mod! also i love the little robot :smile:

I’m thinking of a complete overhaul of the idea. I’ve drawn out some plans but i’m gonna wait till Wednesday when my GCSEs are over to flesh it out. Just as a first idea i’m thinking aliens?

If you wanted to adapt it to the lore you could easily call them planestriders or something and have them be from an alternate plane. Not sure how lore friendly aliens are, but i suppose alternate planes does hint the multiverse.

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that does sound like a far better idea. maybe a survivor from a plane more advanced than your own?

But then what Evil was it running from? What terror has been unleashed? If it could crush such an advanced civilization, what hope do we mere simpletons have? Pretty much begs for an epic Titan battle at some point.

Yeah maybe a failed plane travel experiment allowed something bad into the world? This would open up for a new titan and explain the single survivor. The fact it’s a new technology explains why the portal broke. Maybe the robots could be made from the broken portal?

Possibly. Maybe his new tech has to be adapted for the stuff he finds in this world as well. Iron instead of whatever he/she had at home. Maybe for a really powerful/efficient robot he needs rare gems or ore to act as conduits for power. You could go in many directions at this point. Maybe you need some form of power instead of food to keep them going.

That was the plan eventually but they would be quite hard to get right off the bat. I thought the portal robots could just be until the minerals are available.

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All agreed, and definitely something I would be interested in.

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considering my only skills are coming up with half cocked ideas and making basic models i’d be happy for some help :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m afraid I’m not very skilled in modding either. xD I’ll be willing to learn and give a hand if you truly do want to pursue this though. I think it’s definitely a worthwhile goal.

I might get back to you on that one then :smile: