Mod idea: Android/robots

I think it would be nice, if your town gets bigger then you could have a certain chance that the androids visit the planet, they could either be friendly or could be bad guys and just anihilate your citizens. ;^;

While I don’t personally believe this would fit in the game, I’m sure some people (@zippy611) would be very interested in the idea and may even collaborate with you on how it could work.


Thank you @Dwalus, you know how inactive I am on everything, especially non-mapgame related threads. :stuck_out_tongue:
Yes, I think that this is an interesting idea, however, I think it’d fit slightly better with steam powered or clockwork automatons made by the engineer.


My first thought when you mentioned robots where this:


Someday I might get back to work on the robo mod, but it’s not at the top of my list these days ^^;


AI-bot: “I totally understand why you left me there to get ganked by the other team. As the human player, your live is more valuable than mine. I love you player.”

This is what i mean… AIs are getting creepier, i swear if they could walk they would kill us all!


one: japan is working on making them walk (were screwed) 2: any AI tells me they love me, i’m rebooting The Thing…
and 3: i COULD see something like this mod come into play but… just not with a full sci fi play… maybe a craft-able character? with starting alloys as perhaps tin? copper? bronze?then make you’r way through to up to steel i suppose… afterwords just fine tune them, as for how they would be made. Piece by piece would be the best i suppose, arms, legs, torso, head, though just to limit it, i would make it towards the power/heart of it would be a new mineral, a crystal, that would need to be refined by say, the mason? afterwords you would peice it all together with either the smith, or a new class/job, then give it an item and they would hop to it, at that point though… an infinitely working character without ANY needs seems… unrealistic, perhaps make it require coal to burn for energy? overall this is just my way of contributing ideas for this mod.